Disney Plus is not accepting payment? Try these procedures

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  • An increasing number of people have started to use Disney Plus. Its growing lineup of original shows and movies is far more tempting than it used to be.
  • Below you’ll find a list of possible workarounds for the payment issues users complain about.
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Disney Plus payment issues
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Disney Plus acquired Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm; Fox and Star Wars are included too, all ready to be accessed in one place, so there truly is something for everybody.

In spite of that, many people are struggling with some issues, including Disney Plus not accepting payment. Error Code 4 is a transaction error. Moreover, Error Code 9 is also an issue of login or payment.

This article looks at the possible reasons why payment details are refused, and the corresponding solutions to fix the problem.

What can I do when Disney Plus is not charging me?

1. Create a different account

If the problems persist, then you might issues related to your account, such as problems with your emails or the servers in your region.

If that’s the case, consider creating a new account. Access Disney+, create another account using a different email address while on a VPN, and try to pay.

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2. Try a different credit or debit card

use credit card

Before taking into consideration the below tips, you should better try using a different credit or debit card.

We know this isn’t a satisfying workaround, but it’s definitely getting you one step closer to a robust collection of movies, cartoons, and shows.

2. Quick troubleshooting steps

Disney Plus - Buy now

Here you can also find some quick troubleshooting steps you need to follow when Disney Plus is not accepting your payment details:

  • Check that the credit card used for payment is valid for use in the country.
  • Verify that the expiration date on your card matches the one you are trying to submit. Also, make sure that the card isn’t expired.
  • An invalid ZIP or postal code could also be related to this issue. Verify that the billing ZIP or postal code for the payment card you are using is correct.
  • Check that the 3-digit security code on the back of your card (or 4-digit code if you have an American Express) matches the one you’re submitting.
  • Make sure you’ve filled all the required fields. These are the ones marked with an *.
  • If you signed up through Google Play or iTunes, note that you will be paying that third party and not Disney directly.

Can’t easily use physical cards online? Here are the best virtual credit card software tools for your credit cards.

3. Log out and log back in

Disney Plus Log in
  1. While on desktop, from the Home page, click the Character icon in the top left corner.
  2. Click the cog icon.
  3. You’ll be next directed to the Settings page.
  4. Click the Log Out button.
  5. Log back in after a few minutes.
  6. Up next, try signing off then logging back in and try to provide your payment details. Select the login option you started subscribing with, then authenticate with the email address and password you provided during sign up.
  7. You may now enter your payment details once more.
  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and check if these steps cleared the error.

4. Try out a different payment method

enjoy Disney Plus with Revolut

Since you’re determined to enjoy those awesome shows and movies from Disney franchises, consider using a different payment method.

Revolut is our top recommendation this time. It all started with travelers tired of exchanging their money at an inflated rate, yet it became so much more than converting currency at the best rates.

The most significant benefits of using Revolut include sending and receiving currencies in mere seconds, as well as avoiding payment issues of any kind.

Moreover, opening an account is extremely intuitive. You may even use your iOS/Android phone to register and you’ll receive your physical card in just a few days.



Use Revolut as a payment method to easily take advantage of Disney’s Plus collection of movies from the most popular franchises on the planet!

Have you managed to fix your payment details? We’re constantly adding fresh guides for Disney Plus, so check back with us often. Until then, happy streaming!

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I’m from the UK and currently a resident in Brazil and don’t have a Brazillian bank account and I’ve tried subscribing to the new Disney service through master card but Disney is not accepting my payment, and it’s the only method I have of paying, so I can’t subscribe 🙁