How to Fix Common Disney Plus Error Codes

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Key notes

  • Disney+ is one of the biggest streaming services on the planet, with many franchises under its belt.
  • The article below will list some of the most common issues in Disney+ and provide you with solutions to each of them.
  • These include modifying your device settings, checking your account settings, and more.
Disney Plus errors

You don’t need to wait for another episode of The Simpsons or Star Wars. Disney Play owns an extensive portfolio of amazing content that you can enjoy over and over again. That’s why we’re here – to help you fix the most common Disney Plus error codes.

Both monthly and annual fees are reasonable, and Disney seems promising, but the service is still in its early stages. Until the updates address the growing glitches, sometimes you can tackle the issues you’re experiencing.

Let’s examine how some issues manifest themselves and what solutions may be applied.

How can I fix common Disney Plus error codes?

1. Create a new account

A lot of error codes and other generic issues with your Disney+ viewing experience can be caused by faulty account settings.

Sometimes, there is an issue with your email address, or maybe it is because you have a profile on someone else’s account, or it can even be caused by the location from which you first created your account.

It can even be caused by issues with the credit card you are paying from.

2. Error Code 4: Issues trying to complete your transaction

Well, when getting this error it means that Disney has some issues trying to complete your transaction. First, check your billing details and ZIP code to ensure the transaction succeeds.

Besides this, make sure you own a US-based card. If all card details are correct, try again after a few minutes.

3. Error Code 5: Account information issue

Account information issue

This error is a sign that Disney Plus could not update your account information since there is something wrong with your entered data. Please check that you have entered the correct information and try to update your account details once more.

4. Error Code 8: Invalid email or password

This shows up when you’ve used an incorrect email or password while trying to log in to your Disney Plus profile. This also applies to a password that doesn’t meet Disney’s requirements.

To fix this error code, ensure you have the correct details. Use the email and password you entered while creating your Disney Plus profile, and consider using a password manager.

If you want one of the latest Windows 10 password managers, check out our best picks!

5. Error Code 9: Login or payment issue

Just like error 4, in this error, your transaction is being canceled due to some wrong info about ZIP or postal code, security code, card expiration date, or non-US-based card.

Double-check your details for good measure. Making sure you haven’t been logged out by accident is also recommended.

6. Error Code 11: Content availability restrictions

TV shows and movies in a certain region may not be available in yours. If you attempt to watch one of those titles, you will face error 11. First, try resetting your Internet connection.

If this makes no difference, remember that a premium streaming VPN can provide you with instant access to any content despite your current location.

7. Error Code 13: Device limit issue

Are you trying to download videos on more devices with the same account? Disney is clear about the number of devices you can use at one time to watch content with a premium account.

The service allows up to four devices simultaneously logged in at a time, so you may need to sign out of a few before you can resume streaming past the error code 13. Further, try to remove all downloads from a previously loaded device.

8. Error Code 22: Restricted content

Error Code 22

Disney Plus is available in a limited number of countries for now. If you already have a Disney Plus account, but you are in a country where the service is not available, you may end up running into Error Code 22.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is by connecting to a Disney Plus-compatible VPN. Change your location to the US to evade all these limitations.

9. Error Code 30: Device registration issue

This indicates that your device couldn’t be added to your Disney Plus account. Make sure that you haven’t reached the 10-device limit account and double-check that your device is compatible with Disney Plus.

If the device happens to be already linked, simply try to log in again.

10. Error Code 32: Login or password issue

If you are using an incorrect password, you will most likely face this error. It is essential to keep your password safe and to have the correct login details for your account.

Then, sign out and back in. If you don’t remember your password, feel free to reset it.

11. Error Code 38: Time settings error

When the time and date settings are incorrect on your streaming device, this will lead to issues when you try to access content on Disney Plus. That’s an easy one, though – check the time settings on your clock or set it to Automatic and try again.

12. Error Code 42: Issues connecting to the service

This error message appears when there are connectivity issues like the no valid bitrates error. The quickest fix is restarting your streaming device and ensuring the Internet works fine.

Perhaps it gets disconnected due to the VPN you’re using, or Disney Plus is having issues. For these cases, we’ve got a dedicated guide on what to do when the Internet is disconnected when a VPN connects.

If your device does not pass the compatibility test or is running on unsupported configurations, you may encounter the error code 83 on Disney Plus. this can be resolved by updating the app from official sources.

14. Error Code 86: The account has been blocked

Disney Plus can block your account due to inappropriate usage or if you are somehow violating their policies. Also, make sure the main account holder’s email isn’t associated with someone under the age of 18. You may have to follow up with Disney Support to resolve your issue.

15. Error Code 1026: Authentication issue

Disney Plus may fail to log you into your account if the server is busy, you’ve not updated your subscription, or you’re trying to access content from a restricted location. You’ll see the error code 1026 when you launch the app, and to resolve it, you can enable your VPN.

Before you leave, find out about Disney Plus Error code 14, a simple sign-in issue.

Reinstalling the Disney Plus app is a standard solution to many other issues related to the app, including error code 73.

For additional help, do not hesitate to learn how to fix Disney Plus keeps crashing. Rest assured that our guide offers effective troubleshooting steps.

Feel free to ask any questions and let us know how it goes.

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