5 of the best virtual credit card software for your credit cards

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
Windows & Software Expert
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The use of virtual credit cards (VCCs) have been on the rise in the past few years with a number of card providers having introduced them for easier use of physical cards online. With them, use can assign a maximum value and the cards expire in a few months, reducing fraud and eliminating points of entry for hackers.

You can set up a VCC with virtual credit card software, apps largely available for mobile and tablet platforms that save virtual cards for online transactions. As Windows is a relatively small mobile platform compared to Android and iOS, there aren’t so many virtual card apps for it. However, these are a few virtual credit card apps you can add to Windows mobiles for the best experience.

Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet is a freely available Windows app that enables you to set up prepaid VISA virtual credit cards using the app itself and a RBL account. Then, you make online transactions with anybody who accepts VISA. The app enables users to create MB Way VISA gift cards and send them via email or SMS, as well.. You can also recharge mobiles and pay utility bills with Oxigen Wallet.

MB Way

MB Way is an app compatible with Windows, Android and iOS. There’s also a desktop app for Windows 10 and 8.1. By setting up a VCC with MB Way, you can make transactions with anybody who accepts MasterCard, American Express and Visa. MB Way is one of the few virtual credit cards that enables you to make transfers with your mobile number. You can also create VCCs with 14 different banks through the MB NET site.


VCpay is a VCC app that you can add to Windows, Android, and iOS smartphones. First, note that the VCpay virtual card isn’t one you can use internationally even if the app’s website states an international card will be introduced. As such, this is currently a virtual credit card limited to retail in South Africa with the requirement of needing a South African ID. With the app, you can set up virtual MasterCards for yourself or as gift cards. The app also provides clear card statements and supports EFT from banks. A managing director of VCpay’s parent company stated, “VCpay empowers both banked and unbanked users to pay securely and interoperably for goods online, in store, in other mobile applications, or on mobile services like Uber.


The Zeta app for Windows 10 and 8.1 mobiles is a virtual MasterCard RBL boasts is a new age super card. That might be because the virtual card offers unique and dynamic PINs that change with every transaction made. Furthermore, you can use this VCC as an offline card at e-POS machines. The app also provides a number of other bonuses including tax-free meal vouchers and a Zeta Rewards Card.


FreeCharge is a unified digital wallet app you can add to Windows 10 desktops, tablets, and phones. The app enables you to set up a FreeCharge Go MasterCard for use on Indian websites and mobile apps, such as BigBasket, Snapdeal, Amazon, and Flipkart. It also gives you discounts and cashback on a variety of transactions. Note that the Windows app is not entirely the same as its Android and iOS counterparts since the former sports a redesigned UI and Cortana integration so you can recharge it with the virtual assistant. The FreeCharge CEO stated:

We at FreeCharge are continuously innovating to provide differentiated services. With the revamped Windows app, we have aimed at creating a seamless user interface that is simple and intuitive. One can now easily recharge/pay bills in less than 10 seconds.

Those are a few Windows apps that you can set up virtual credit cards with. VCCs are a convenient alternative to standard cards, and their apps also provide other bonuses and services. So, even if you don’t require a VCC, the apps might still be worth using.