Disney Plus is not available in your country? Try this

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Disney Plus availability restrictions

If Disney Plus is not available in your country, it looks like you are not able to access it. The service is currently available in the US, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, and New Zealand. Later on, in March 2020, a number of European countries will see the launch of their local versions of Disney Plus too.

Until that happens, if you live outside these countries, Marvel, The Simpsons, or Star Wars are out of your league, at least in theory. We’re saying that since there’s a chance to access Disney Plus in other regions too.

The advantages of using a VPN – or Virtual Private Network – in this case, are unquestionable. For the uninitiated, a VPN is a piece of software you can download off the web that lets you hide the IP address of your laptop, phone, or your router.

Then, it makes it appear in an entirely different location where Disney Plus is available. Long story short, today we will show you what to do if Disney Plus doesn’t work in your country.

What can I do when Disney Plus is not available in my area?

1. Choose the perfect VPN option

Before having the very best Disney Plus shows and films at your disposal, you’ll first need to get a VPN application. Aside from giving you Disney Plus access from anywhere in the world, these applications can be used to safeguard your online privacy and stop any deliberate slowing of your speeds.

If the choice you face is highly emotive and you literally dream of all those Disney goodies, your instincts and the rush coming along with them may not serve you well. Don’t know what to choose?

We made a list of the fastest VPN options for Windows 10 you can use to stream video content with ease.

The encryption tunnel is supposed to remain super private, so your true location is always unseen. To make sure of that, it’s recommended to check for your IP address on specific IP address lookup sites. Let’s hope that it won’t fail to hide your real one.



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2. Select a compatible location as your home country

choose new location

At this point, you have the VPN already installed. All you have to do next is to open the VPN app, then log-in using your credentials.

Just hit Choose location and feel free to connect to a US server. You may also select any other compatible location as your home country.

3. Sign-up for Disney Plus outside of its supported countries

closer look at Disney Plus

After connecting to the VPN, you’ll clearly need to go to the Disney Plus website and sign up before you can do anything else. The big news is that you’ll no longer be blocked from signing up this time.

You can easily go through the setup procedure and get inside for the first time. Besides creating a new account for this media streaming service, you must also select a subscription plan and complete the payment process.

Disney Plus doesn’t offer a free trial, but it puts at your disposal flexible pricing options and packages.

Get Disney+

Finally, Disney Plus will present its content. Rest assured that you can use it without any limitations since you already tricked Disney’s area restrictions.

How does it feel like to have Disney Plus at your convenience? We surely hope that it’s as good as expected. Other eager users also describe taking advantage of Google Chrome on an Ethernet hardwired computer to cast Disney Plus to the TV via the inbuilt Chromecast of NVIDIA Shield TV.

However, taking a quick look at the Subscriber Agreement reveals that this method of accessing Disney Plus is a violation of the terms and conditions.

Do you know another solution for a quick connection even if Disney Plus is not available in your area? Don’t hesitate to share it with the community in the comments section below.

Moreover, if you’re completely new to VPNs, let us be clear in this regard. Even if the access you get when you sign up with a VPN service is great, keep in mind that you still have to connect to a server in another region or even country.

This means that you should be ready for a little bit of latency in your secure connection. Other issues could occur while using a VPN application, yet we’re here to help you out.


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