Dizzy comes back to Gears of War 4, more legacy characters coming soon

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We’ve got some good news for all Gears of Wars 4 fans: Dizzy is back as a Craft Only character. This is TC’s surprise Legacy Character drop. If you’re interested, Dizzy can be yours for only 600 Scrap.

GoW 4 players really appreciate the fact that Dizzy costs only 600, as opposed to the 2,400 that Vintage Marcus was. Following the wave of complaints from December, TC’s new character policy is now more flexible, allowing more players to get their hands on their favorite characters and items.

You guys at T.C. are doing a great job with things (now). Keep up the good work! […] When things first started T.C. dropped the ball…they have since, and in very short time, have worked to redeem themselves by making in game items attainable and having a steady stream of it…so ease up a bit.

Many gamers asked The Coalition if they intended to bring back other legacy characters and the answer was yes. The company also explained that bringing back legacy characters is not an easy task, as it needs to adapt many variables to the current Gears of War 4 gameplay.

To speak non-specifically about who/what we’re bringing back, yes. We are absolutely making more legacy characters. They take a lot of time to bring back – we have to record new dialogue (for new features / enemies not in previous games), bring the characters up to modern graphics standards and a whole bunch of other stuff. Don’t expect them all at once, but more are coming.

We’re pretty sure that TC will do a major Locust legacy character next since this the most popular request among fans. The company has been particularly open to suggestions lately, so chances are that fans will eventually get what they’re requesting.



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