Best DJ software to use without a controller [2020 Guide]

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In the past, DJs used to carry large crates of vinyl records and spent hours at the records store choosing their music one vinyl at a time. Next came the DJ that used CDs and USB sticks to store their music.

Nowadays, with the the rise of digital technology and the increased power and portability of laptops, DJs use specialized software to play and mix their songs — this has quickly become the norm.

DJ software allows you to mix and and perform music the same way the traditional vinyl DJ does but at a lower cost and with a lot more convenience and flexibility.

In this article, we will explore some of the best options of DJ PC software that can be used without a controller or any other external device.


5 DJ software for mixing music without a controller


Zulu DJ Software from NCH (recommended)

Zulu-DJ-Software - Dj without controller

Zulu DJ is a complete DJ blender software that uses intense elements in a simple-to-use interface, allowing you to blend your music easily. You can blend your music live while applying effects on the go.

Your music will remain tuned to the beat, because of the programmed beat identification feature. Once you load a track onto the virtual deck, Zulu DJ automatically checks for the beat (BPM) of the track to synchronize it with the rest of the mix.

Zulu DJ can cross blur between tracks and allows you to hear the tracks by using earphones. This program also has programmed beat recognition, continuous pitch, rhythm control and console hotkeys.

Zulu DJ from NCH is ideal for beginners because of its simple interface and works perfectly with various configurations including WAV, MP3, WMA.

Key features and capabilities include:

  • Easily cross-fade between tracks
  • Real-time pitch and tempo adjustment
  • Auto-play mode for hands-free, seamless music mixing
  • Beat synchronization between the decks
  • Apply effects in real-time, includes all popular effects like distortion and reverb
  • Record DJ mixes and saves as an audio file
  • Loop sections within a track and synchronize to the BPM
  • VST plugin support for additional effects
  • Add loops and samples to the sample bank
  • Safe live mode prevents accidents for flawless shows

    –  Download now Zulu DJ Software free

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VirtualDJ - Dj without controller

VirtualDJ is an all in one DJ solution for audio mixing. The modern technology encapsulated in this program enables the DJ to concentrate on the artistic side of the mix.

It provides special controls like crossfaders, loops, effects and many more to mix the song in any way you want. The user interface is designed to look and feel like a real DJ setup with a blender and two turntables – that can also be extended to four.

VirtualDJ’s wide range of features include standard controls like play,delay, stop, etc. It also has programmed BPM and KEY count, a 3 band equalizer, pitch control, and other great options.

This program allows you to arrange your playlist’s track in a simple way and can also locate the fitting melodies, with perfect BPM or key. One of the best features is that Virtual DJ will stream a missing track off the Internet so you can play music seamlessly (requires an extra membership).

Download VirtualDJ


Traktor Pro

Traktor-Pro - Dj software without controller

Traktor Pro is another great software option designed to be used by professionals. This tool can edit and create new sounds easily. Perhaps some of the two best features of Traktor are its creative mixing system, and the powerful looping tools.

The user interface of Traktor is designed to be simple to utilize, giving you a better focus on the task at hand and not wasting time searching for the effects you need.

This DJ program allows you to zoom in on your waveform keeping in mind the end goal to be as exact as could be expected under the circumstances. Traktor Pro programming has a remix deck, or test deck includes, that is remarkable.

The example decks have four openings each and are intended to handle the greater part of your circles and one-shot specimens by playing them in a state of harmony with your fundamental track decks.

Download Traktor Pro


Mixmeister Fusion

Mixmeister -Dj without controller

Mixmeister Fusion is another great tool that allows you to create custom party and DJ music. In addition to creating mashups or mixing songs, you can also burn CDs.

You can use Mixmeister for mixing, mashups or to stream over websites and use it for live performances as well.

This program uses its automatic sync abilities to ensure a smooth playback while also giving you the ability to combine up to eight melodies and the capacity to stack tests and sound impacts over it.

Download Mixmeister Fusion


DJ Mixer Pro

DJ-Mixer-Pro -DJ without controller

DJ Mixer Pro is a great tool to use for your DJ blending no matter what your level of proficiency is. Its simple UI has virtual blending devices that allow you to control every aspect of your song to the smallest details.

This program has four decks and it automatically coordinates your beats. It also has real-time impacts, sampler, consistent circles, key lock, pitch moving, MIDI controller bolster, vinyl reproduction, blending, in addition to numerous more awesome elements.

Download DJ Mixer Pro


In this list, we explored some of the best DJ software options on the market right now. The software presented here cover all your DJ-ing tasks, no matter if you’re just starting out or if you are a professional DJ.

The wide range of features supported by these tools will surely take your DJ-ing experience to the next level.

Let us know which software you chose in the comment section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.