Dota 2’s Dark Moon event offers daily bonuses until February 6

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The Dota 2 Dark Moon event is available to play through Monday, February 6, allowing you to get special event points and then redeem them to increase your Dark Moon Rewards.

This is the perfect chance to boost your score thanks to the Daily Bonus and multiplier advantages the Dark Moon event brings. In other words, the only limits to earning additional rewards is your time and devotion to Dota 2.

Available to play through Monday, February 6, join the Dark Moon queue and work together with your team to defend against waves of loathsome shades creeping towards the temple. Survive the evolving assaults to earn special event points, then redeem your points for increasing Dark Moon Rewards.

For millennia, the warriors of the Nightsilver Woods have stood vigilant against vile forces intent on the advent of a Dark Moon, earning both title and divine charge in sacred defense of the Goddess Selemene. But now, as the night of the new moon falls, Selemene’s chosen lie helpless behind her temple walls, victims of an arcane slumber that has left the temple grounds undefended.

For more information about the best Dark Moon strategy, you can check out this Reddit thread. Players who got as far ahead as round 15 share their experience and offer important tips on how to fight various enemy waves. It appears that Round 15 is indeed the final round. As expected, this level is extremely hard, but also a lot of fun. Your arch-enemy is The Dark Magus, a 100k Invoker who constantly comes back after you beat him.

Here are the 15 Dota 2 Dark Moon rounds:

  1. Wolves
  2. Dazzles that cast Shadow Wave
  3. Nyx nyx nyx’s that can chain-stun you.
  4. Morphlings that sometimes cast Waveform
  5. Chicken-pinata: He doesn’t attack and drops gold when damaged
  6. Warlocks
  7. Zombies
  8. Tidehunters & Kunkkas that can X-mark, Torrent & Gush
  9. Meepos & Catapults that can Net and fire AoE ministuns
  10. Roshling-pinatas: They don’t attack and drop gold when damaged
  11. Night Stalkers
  12. Miranas that throw arrows from time to time
  13. 6 strong Alchemists that can target their stun at a specific player
  14. Techies that plant mines and cast the new suicide
  15. Invoker: The final boss.



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