Fans hate the new Dota 2 Update 7.00, say the game is losing its identity

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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The new Dota 2 Patch 7.00 brings many changes to the game. For this reason, many fans criticize the update content and say the game is losing its identity.

Just as it happens when change arrives, the Dota 2 Patch 7.00 has divided gamers into two camps. While there are many players who can’t wait to get their hands on the update and try it out, there are also gamers who really don’t like the patch’s official description: “Your clash for the Ancients will never be the same.”

Fans criticize the new Dota 2 Patch 7.00

Dota 2 fans don’t like the new map and terrain changes. They believe that the current terrain represented Dota the best. Players also say that the stat benefits were also a good incentive for players to enhance their hero’s capabilities over time.

Players go as far as to say that the latest Dota 2 changes turn the game into a copy of League of Legends. Fans also criticize Valve for not giving them more time to test the update and have more feedback on the matter.

I also feel that the current CM and Zeus scepter upgrades were much better than the new ones since they increase the ultimate ability damage, something both need very badly, especially late game. Many of the planned changes, like the new terrain and hud system, as well as the talent trees and removing and replacing of various things that used to be core to Dota is making the game feel more like it’s being turned into a copy of League of Legends sadly. I feel that all those changes that do that isn’t such a good idea honestly, especially if you only allow one day of testing for people to see how they feel about it. The Techies changes is another change I don’t think is a good idea at all since he was already a great hero as he is, but these changes completely change what he is. […]

There’s just so much being done, but so little time given to work everything out now, I think there needs to be more feedback and reviews before it can make it fully live.

Dota 2 gamers also hate the update because it makes the game much easier, making it less challenging to play. It appears that Valve’s idea of evolution is not what players had expected. The company describes the Dota story as one of constant evolution, but fans think otherwise.

What do you think about the new Dota 2 Update 7.00? Do you think it adds value to the game?


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Offlane in Dota 2 beta – 20 min 6 lvl very low gold
Offlane in Dota now 20 min lvl 15 and so much gold
(2 camps jungle in offlane, iron talon for fast farming camps and fucking Shrine on Offlane)
”Im have low lvl? im buy Tome of Knowlege”
Offlane is now fucking Easy Lane
Teleport Scrolls in Dota 2 beta – 200 gold
Teleport Scrolls – now 50 gold
”Im have low lvl in support? Oh Im buy Tome of Knowlege”
Playing support in Dota 2 Beta test
(Oh nooo IM support and im only death. Im have very low lvl im try to help my teammates oh no teleport 200 gold- GG,WP)
Dota 2 now –
(OOHH IM support and im only Death. IM buy glimergape and im no death!!!. In have very low lvl? im buy Tome of Knowlege” IM try to help my teammates 24/h TP ONLY 50 GOLD!!
Playing Support now is so fucking easy
Playing Roam in Dota 2 beta
In 20 min lvl 6
Playing roam now – 20 min lvl 15 and have very much fucking Runes
Roam is now fucking easy

Put wards in Dota 2 beta
(Oh no i dont know where deward this ward – GG,WP)
Put Wards in Dota 2 now

Playing vs Magic Dmg in dota 2 beta test

Playing vs Magic Dmg in Dota 2 now

Sorry for my english im try to learn i know xD

5k hours in dota, at least $1,500 spent, and this is the copying bullshit you bring? I couldn’t honestly take the game seriously anymore, it felt like one of the arcade games. Goodbye Dota

Other annoy things in 7.00 are as a suport if u run short of courier,u cant even buy 2nd courier, if ur courier get killed u hv to w8 …… another thing is runes, the runes now respawn in 5 places instead of 2 so there wont be any chance of 1st blood and hook or any thing which cause 1st blood in rune area….. abilities awarded have eliminate weak points e.g. WK can even revive if no mana…. such changes forces me to restore previous backup and play with bots that will be much better than that

New update is so unbalanced, 1st of all is the monkey king hero [1st ability stack with 3rd ability good but 3rd ability provide so much dmg when stacked which is wrong][tree jump ability and disguise ability cost nothing while tree jump has so big distance jump more than anti mage blink so if AM blink cost mana y not MK jump cost mana]so they should decrease jump distance, add cost mana in disguise and jump, and reduce 3rd ability dmg if stacked with 1st.

I only play for 30 minutes. Honestly as a dota 2 player that have played WC3 the new update is very disappointing. It’s whole different and lose what dota is. I backup my 6.88 and play it offline. Hate those updates

Its terrible…. They took a great and detailed game and made it a crappy, cheesy, cheap looking LOL clone. Even the mini map is a useless flat tool now like it is in LOL. DONT FIX WHATS NOT BROKE, VALVE! Whoever made these changes should be fired from valve. Ive spent hundreds on this game…I wont spend a dime more. I feel f-ing betrayed.

Uninstalled after 10k hours and a lot of euros spent. Lets see will you get LOL kids to play this new game and earn you same money Valve 😉

This new update is completely a joke, what an awful UI, lousy hp mana bars, especially inconvenient to check enemy status.
Used to be good, but not any more. Tried to be a cheesy version of LOL that’s the fatal failure

i been playing dota 2 since 2013 it was fine until now i wasted 6 Gb updating 7.00 patch because after a game of 7.00 i deleted it ty valve for finally uining dota my addiction of 7 games every day of my life is over

they removed the ability to increase +2 attributes when you level up, forcing you to increase only your spells. this is really bad for some heroes who have limited spells. and what’s this dancing new hero ? monkey king ? this is very childish, yes Dota is loosing its identity, the world of magic and witchcraft.

To summerize it for you, dota is now officiallu a game for noobs, new players with experiement get in press one button and win, an they proceed to purchase shiny items and fill the pockets of valve, icefrog, gabe & etc …

They did it just to line their pockets.

To summarize it for you, dota is now officially a game for noobs, new players with no experience get in, press one button, rampage and win, and they proceed to purchase shiny items and fill the pockets of valve, icefrog, gabe & etc …