It seems that DOTA 2 will receive Vulkan support next week, an API is managed by the Khronos Group. The tool was released to compete with DirectX 12, which works better over multiple cores than Open GL 4.x or DirectX 11. However, Vulkan is better suited to run on many hardware configurations, all of which includes mobile and PC graphics. This means that sometime in the near future, more games will support this API.

A Steam employee officially announced that DOTA 2 would be one of the first games to implement Vulkan API, a tool that was released back in February 16, 2016. We also spotted some SteamDB changes which mention DOTA 2 Vulkan Linux 64 and DOTA 2 Vulkan Win64, which means that the Vulkan API will be supported on both the Linux and Windows versions of the game. Unfortunately, there is no mention of an OS X version but this makes sense, as Vulkan is not yet supported on neither OS X nor iOS as Apple is pushing its own Metal API.

It’s not yet known when exactly DOTA 2 will receive Vulkan API support on Linux and Windows, but according to a Steam employee, this will most likely happen sometime next week. Once we will find out more details about this, we will let you know.

What are your thoughts about Vulkan API? Will you use this DOTA 2 version once it will be released or you will still play the DOTA 2 version that uses DirectX?