Opera for Windows 11: How to Download & Install

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Key notes

  • Opera is one of the most underrated alternative browsers out there.
  • This browser offers a ton of features that caters to the user for an optimized browsing experience.
  • Opera is highly customizable and users can personalize it to make it unique to them.
  • With built-in security features, Opera is one of the most secure browsers on the market.
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It’s no secret that Opera is one of the best alternative browsers with performance and speed that gives other popular browsers a run for their money. Opera is also one of the lightest browsers that doesn’t consume much hardware resources and run seamlessly on Windows 11.

Opera is constantly improving and adding updates and integrations. It has a highly customizable user interface and features to optimize browsing.

If you’re still on the fence about Opera, keep reading for an in-depth look at its features and functions. If Opera is a good fit for you, follow the steps below to download and install Opera for Windows 11.

How does Opera compare with other browsers?

Like most popular browsers, Opera operates on the Chromium engine, giving it great performance and speed. However, Opera takes up less drive space than other browsers, such as Google Chrome, and uses up less memory.

Opera has a lot of features that bring its privacy to the next level, like the built-in VPN and ad-blocker that protects user data.

These features block crypto-mining scripts, trackers, and malicious activity whereas users would need to install extensions to have this level of protection in other browsers.

Is Opera a good browser for online businesses?

Increase workflow and productivity with Opera.

Opera has features that optimize organization and productivity, making it the perfect browser for any purpose, especially for small businesses.

Users can customize workflow using the workspaces feature that allows users to categorize their tabs based on the subject. Users can have a business-related workspace with tabs that are separate from a personal workspace. This increases productivity by eliminating distractions and keeping the user focused.

With integrated social media messaging services, business owners can stay on top of their social media and messages. These messaging services are located in the sidebar for easy and convenient access.

How can I download Opera for Windows 11?

  1. Go to Opera’s homepage. Download and install Opera for Windows 11
  2. Click Download Opera. Download and install Opera to Windows 11
  3. Open OperaSetup and follow the prompts to install Opera. Follow the prompts to install Opera.

Yes, it’s that simple. Users can import their data from another browser to Opera for a seamless transition. Opera is not as heavy on PC resources and RAM as other browsers, but it remains one of the fastest browsers out there.


Download and install Opera to explore its features for optimized browsing.

What are the best features of Opera?

➡ Organization and accessibility

The workspaces feature promotes organization and productivity by categorizing tabs based on their subject. This allows users to keep groups of tabs separated for a more efficient browsing experience. Switching between workspaces is quick and easy, and users can set hotkeys for more accessibility.

Opera workspaces.

Pinboards allow users to collect and save content easily. Users can add links or notes to content and create a vision board. Pinboards are also shareable so users can collaborate with others.

With the Search in Tabs feature, users can quickly and easily search a keyword throughout all open tabs. This saves users the hassle of cycling through all their open tabs to find what they’re looking for.

Speed Dial is a unique Opera feature that acts as the homepage of the browser and displays frequently-accessed websites so users can visit them with one click.

➡ Customization and personalization

Opera is an extremely customizable browser, allowing users to make the browser unique to them. It offers a dark or light theme and the option to change the wallpaper of the start page. Users can pick an image from the Opera library or upload their own.

Customize Opera wallpapers.

Because Opera is a Chromium-based browser, it has access to all the same extensions as Google Chrome. Extensions can be adjusted and can be added to the sidebar for quick and easy access.

Users can even go so far as customizing the font and font size. With the option to change languages, users can change or add other languages to the browser.

For those that like staying up to date on current events, Opera offers a news digest that can be curated to a user’s interests. Users can customize which language, country, and categories they want to get their news from. The news digest can be accessed from the sidebar.

Customize news sources.

➡ Sidebar

The unique sidebar feature provides users quick access to their workspaces, messengers, bookmarks, extensions, and much more. The sidebar can be entirely customized according to preference.

With Twitter and Instagram integration, users can easily access their social media accounts and messengers. The sidebar places everything you need in one place that can be as simple or as complex as you like it.

Download and install Opera for Windows 11 to use the sidebar feature.

The sidebar also has a Player that provides access to music and podcasts. The Player feature connects all music services in one place and lets users easily control and switch between them.

➡ Opera Sync and My Flow

Easily synchronize information across all devices using Opera Sync. Users can set up sync on their PC and mobile device to have their bookmarks, Speed Dials, history, passwords, and more synced.

Opera Sync is customizable so users can manage which information they want to be synced between devices.

Opera sync.

My Flow is a great feature that allows users to share files, links, videos, and more between their PC and mobile device. The connection between devices with My Flow is encrypted so the information that’s sent is private and secure.

Opera My Flow.

No account or login is required to send information via My Flow. Users just scan a QR code using their mobile device and they gain access to their information instantly.

➡ Versatility

With the built-in unit converter, Opera can convert currencies, measurements, and time zones. Users don’t need to install an extension or search for conversions. Its currency conversions provide the most recently updated rates.

Snapshot is a tool that allows users to frame and capture a webpage or a specific area of a page. Users can also edit the snapshots captured by adding texts, stickers, highlights, and more. Users can copy, share, print, or save as PDF using snapshot.

Opera browser snapshot tool.

➡ Video pop-out

One of the best features of Opera is the Video pop-out function that allows users to pop-out online videos in their standalone frame so users can continue watching while browsing. The floating video frame is adjustable in size and can be moved anywhere on the screen.

Video pop-out feature on Opera browser.

The Video pop-out feature continues to work even with Opera minimized. Users can keep streaming while in another app or window.

This feature is not limited to just online videos, it’s also compatible with video conferencing. Users can browse or work while in a meeting.

➡ Crypto wallet

Opera is the first browser to integrate a Crypto Wallet directly into the browser. With the rise of cryptocurrency, many users are investing in Ethereum-based currencies and thus need an online wallet.

Crypto Wallet allows users access to Web3 to make transactions and manage their tokens and currencies. Users can find the Crypto Wallet in the sidebar panel which can be accessed while browsing the web.

opera crypto wallet.

This feature also works on mobile devices using Opera for Android or Opera Touch for iOS so users can keep track of their crypto while on the go.

➡ Built-in protection

Opera has a built-in ad-blocker so users don’t need to install a third-party extension. Opera’s ad-blocker prevents all types of ads from cluttering up a website and increases the page loading time by up to 90%.

The ad-blocker is light on system resources and can be enabled or disabled. If a website refuses to operate properly with an ad-blocker, users can disable ad-block on certain websites in site settings.

Opera also has a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) that users can use for free and without any limitations. Users can toggle their location between Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and enabling the VPN doesn’t affect browsing speed.

Built-in VPV and security features.

➡ Consumes fewer resources and data

Many browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, slow down your PC over time because they consume a ton of PC resources.

Opera, on the other hand, is a lightweight browser that doesn’t use up as many PC and internet recourses and doesn’t sacrifice speed or performance.

Task Manager review of Opera.

The Battery Saver feature allows users to browse up to 35% longer with an unplugged laptop. Users can manually enable this feature, or set it to activate automatically.

Battery Saver prioritizes certain tasks to extend battery life without needing to manage settings.

How do I set Opera as my default browser?

  1. Click on the O logo in the top left corner, then select Settings. Open Opera settings.
  2. Scroll down to Default browser.
  3. Click Make Default. Make Opera default browser.
  4. If you want to import your browsing data from another browser, scroll up to Synchronization.
  5. Click Import bookmarks and settings. Import browser data.
  6. Choose the browser you want to import information from. Choose the browser to import data from.
  7. Select Import.

Opera is now set as your default browser, and all of your browsing data from your previous browser has been imported.

Is Opera free?

Opera is 100% free to download and use. All of its features are available to everyone without any hidden subscriptions or fees. There is no premium version and users will never need to pay for upgrades or updates.

Is Opera secure?

Opera is one of the most secure browsers out there. In addition to its built-in ad-blocker and VPN, it also has a tracker blocker and Cryptojacking protection. Download and install Opera for Windows 11 to explore its privacy protection features.

The built-in VPN isn’t just for changing your location, it also encrypts your data and prevents it from malicious activity.

Users can adjust their security preferences depending on the website with the site settings control function. This feature is perfect for those that want to block ads on some sites but not on others.

Privacy Protection using Opera.

Opera has a private browsing option that deletes user browsing data and history after closing the browser.

Opera makes it easy to switch over from another browser with the ability to import bookmarks, browsing data, and more from other browsers.

Its browsing speed and performance are on par with other major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge without consuming as many PC resources.

If you’re more of a gamer and looking for a browser to fit your needs, then check out our review of the Opera GX gaming browser.

These are just some of the best reasons why we prefer Opera over other big-name browsers. Download and install Opera for Windows 11 to find out why so many users have switched and never looked back.

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