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MUI (Multilingual User Interface) packages are language packs for Windows. These packs enable you to add new display languages to the Windows OS for alternative users. Then multiple users can select alternative display languages if required, and any Windows version can host software in any other language. This is how you can download and install MUI packs for Windows 10.

Installing MUI Packs with Windows 10 Settings app

  • You can download and install MUI packs with the Settings app. First, enter ‘region’ into the Cortana search box; and select to open Region and language settings as below.


  • Now you can add new MUI language packs to Windows by clicking the Add a language button. That will open the list of MUI language packs in the shot directly below.


  • Now choose a MUI pack to install from there.
  • The MUI pack will now be listed on the Region & language settings. Click the pack and then press its Options button.


  • Press the Download button under Download language pack to download and install the pack.
  • When its installed, you can select the MUI pack listed on Region & language settings and click the Set as default button.
  • Restart Windows 10 to apply the new setting to the user account.

Install MUI Packs with the Install or Uninstall Display Languages Wizard

You can also save MUI packs from website sources such as this one. Select a MUI pack listed there and then click Save file. Then you can install it with the Install or Uninstall display languages wizard in Windows 10 as follows.

  • Press the Win key + R hotkey to open Run.
  • Enter ‘lpksetup.exe’ into Run and press the OK button. That will open the window shown below.


  • Click Install display languages on that window.
  • Press the Browse button, select the MUI pack’s .cab file and click OK.
  • Press Next to add the MUI pack to Windows 10. The wizard creates a system restore point and then installs the MUI pack.
  • Then you can configure the MUI language pack as your default one via Settings app or the Windows Control Panel. Log out and back into Windows for the new settings to take effect.

So those are a two ways that you can download and install a MUI pack in Windows 10. Note that Windows Store apps might not change to the new language settings until they’re updated.


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