KB4501371 fixes a nasty bug breaking audio on Windows 10

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Microsoft released a new cumulative update to Windows 10 v1809 PCs. Update KB4501371 bumps the existing version of the operating system to build 17763.592.

This patch addresses a long list of existing issues in Windows 10 version 1809, Windows Server version 1809 and Windows Server 2019.

Most importantly, KB4501371 fixes some annoying bugs affecting Your Phone app, Media Player and improves isolated browsing in Microsoft Edge. Additionally, it resolves some audio issues in Windows devices. 

Let’s take a quick look at the official changelog.

KB4501371 major improvements and fixes

App launch issues resolved

Microsoft fixed the issue that prevented users from launching some applications using cmd.exe.

Your Phone application bug fix

Some users experienced issues while connecting Your Phone application to the internet. Users can now use their apps via a web proxy server.

GDI+ issues fixed

KB4501371 resolved an issue related to the Windows graphics device interface. Microsoft confirmed that GDI+ previously caused issues for various versions of Windows 10.

Media Player bug fix

Some Windows 10 users reported that they were unable to play media files in a loop. Therefore, Microsoft released KB4501371 to fix this bug.

Isolated browsing improved

There were some reports regarding isolated browsing issues when some people used Windows Defender Application Guard in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft released KB4501371 to improve isolated browsing in the browser.

Realtek Bluetooth radio drivers issues

Windows 10 May 2019 Update introduced quite a few bugs of its own. One of those bugs affected Realtek Bluetooth drivers. Microsoft confirmed this issue has been fixed now.

Audio bugs fixed

Microsoft says that Windows 10 users experienced audio issues in some cases. This issue affects when users have not restarted their systems for more than 50 days.

IE11 scrolling issue

There were some user reports about a bug that affected Internet Explorer 11. KB4501371 resolved an issue with scrolling feature in the browser.

KB4501371 known issues

Microsoft acknowledged three known issues in Windows 10 Update KB4501371.

The first issue is related to error code 0x800f0982. Microsoft warns its users that this error is triggered on those devices that have installed some Asian language packs. 

Microsoft is working on fixing the bug. The tech giant recommends its users to uninstall the language packs that have been recently installed on their systems.



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