Download March 2019 Patch Tuesday updates as soon as they’re out

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Windows 10 cumulative update

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Microsoft is going to release the March Patch Tuesday updates in just a few hours’ time.  The updates will specifically address the existing vulnerabilities in the Windows OS. At the same time, the patches will fix usability and performance related issues.

Users are looking forward to this release after the failed release of the October 2018 Update. A bug was reported in this update that caused the removal of some user files. Therefore, Microsoft was forced to pull back the update right after it was released.

Windows 10 March Patch Tuesday updates

Apart from the typical security patches, we expect the Windows 10 March 2018 Patch Tuesday updates to finally fix the bugs (including authentication issues) in Internet Explorer 10.

The bugs are currently restricting two or more users from using the same user account for various concurrent login sessions. Furthermore, it may fix the issues in Microsoft Access 95.

1. OS bug fixes

As far as the past few updates are concerned, Microsoft is focusing on the fixing the issues in the OS. As mentioned earlier, these cumulative updates will also bring a handful of improvements and bug fixes to increase the stability and reliability of the operating systems.

The same is valid for cumulative updates for Windows 10 and monthly roll-ups for Windows 8 and 7.  

2. Microsoft Office bug fixes

Last week, Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 users got many non-security Microsoft Office updatesThe upcoming update will also fix the issues that currently exist in the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

Download March 2019 Patch Tuesday Updates

Let’s see how the update turns out to be as Microsoft will roll out the Windows 10 cumulative updates in the next few hours.

The upcoming updates will automatically start installing on your PC if you have enabled automatic updates. Moreover, manual updates can be installed by checking for updates via the Settings page.

check for updates

Follow our latest news stories for the list of changes and any potential bugs in the new cumulative updates tomorrow.



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