3 Best Drawing Apps for Samsung Tablets in 2023

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  • With so many Android drawing apps available, picking the best drawing software for Samsung tablets isn’t entirely straightforward.
  • Adobe has released some of the best drawing apps for both desktop and mobile platforms, offering a wide range of useful tools.
  • The best free drawing apps for Android devices are also among the best digital art apps generally.
  • Let your imagination run free by picking the recommended software from this thorough list.
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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S tablets are undoubtedly among the best around alongside Apple’s iPads.

Those Android tablets have slick and responsive stylus S Pens that are ideal for unleashing artistic creativity. The Tab S7’s stylus pen has especially good drawing performance.

As Android is the biggest mobile platform, there’s an abundance of drawing apps available for Galaxy tablets at Google Play.

The best drawing apps for Galaxy tablets include a plethora of handy art tools for a range of alternative picture types. These are a few of the best drawing apps for Samsung’s tablets.

What is the best drawing app for Samsung tablet?

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Illustrator Draw is the foremost vector drawing software for Windows and Android.

It incorporates all its vector drawing tools within a streamlined and modern interface, which makes it more accessible for new tablet artists.

With this free app, you can draw complex illustrations, icons, logos, sketches, and more besides.

Illustrator Draw’s primary toolbar includes five default brushes for users to choose from. Users can configure the size and opacity of each brush.

This app’s Brush settings panel includes additional configuration settings for roundness, taper, angle, pressure angle, and velocity dynamics that provide more creative control.

One of the best things about this app is its layers feature. Illustrator users can organize their drawings better by placing objects and shapes on alternative layers.

They can also adjust blend and opacity settings for layers to control how the colors interact.

Other useful Adobe Illustrator Draw features

  • Royalty-free image assets are available for Draw at Adobe Stock
  • It includes perspective and graph grids for 3D drawing
  • Users can add vector shapes, shape stencils, and other materials into Draw with Capture
  • Illustrator Draw users can export drawings to Adobe desktop software, Creative Cloud, camera rolls, and Behance
Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Use Adobe Illustrator Draw to create awe-inspiring art on your Samsung tablet.

Free trialVisit website

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint logo drawing software for samsung tablet

Clip Studio Paint is one of the most natural, paper-like drawing apps available for Android.

The CSP app comes preinstalled with some Android tablets, such as the Tab S7. Clip Studio Paint for Android isn’t a stripped-down mobile app, as it’s very much the full Windows desktop version.

Artists love Clip Studio Paint because of its powerful brush engine and customizable brushes.

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There’s a good choice of brush presets available, and CSP users can configure their size, density, and stabilization as required. Furthermore, users can import a wide range of pens and pencils from Clip Studio Assets.

Clip Studio Paint is very well optimized for tablets. It includes an Adjust pen pressure window from which you can fine-tune pen settings.

This app’s Touch gesture settings enable you to customize touch controls for the app. Galaxy Tab S tablet users can also utilize Air Actions with Clip Studio Paint.

Other useful Clip Studio Paint features

  • Clip Studio Paint’s vector layer feature enables users to adjust lines after drawing them
  • This app incorporates perspective, circular, and symmetry rulers for drawing
  • Enables users to draw repeating patterns with decoration brushes
  • It includes a wide variety of preset templates for comics
  • Users can utilize dedicated tools for creating speech bubbles
Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

Try out this versatile software today to astonish your family and friends with art created on your Samsung tablet.

Free trialVisit website

Adobe Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook drawing software for samsung tablet

Autodesk SketchBook is a well established Android drawing and digital art app that’s freely available.

This is an app with an elegant and uncluttered incognito UI design that makes it more accessible.

SketchBook pretty much has all the tools most digital artists will need for drawing all kinds of pictures.

SketchBook’s brush library packs in about 190 brushes. Users can select a wide variation of pencil and ballpoint, felt-tip, inking, and chisel pen brushes to draw with.

This app also enables users to set up custom brushes or download packs from SketchBook Extras.

This app also packs in some very useful features for technical (3D) drawings. It includes four perspective guide tools for drawing pictures with vanishing points and wide viewing angles.

Users can also utilize straight, curved, and ellipse rulers on SketchBook’s toolbar.

SketchBook’s Layer Editor is another great feature for complex drawings.

With that, users can draw objects in their pictures within different layers. The Layer Editor helps with organizing and editing picture content.

Other useful Autodesk SketchBook features

  • This app includes horizontal, vertical, and radial symmetry tools
  • Includes a Gallery feature that stores sketches
  • SketchBook’s Distort tool enables users to distort object selections
  • Enables users to scan paper drawings into digital form with mobile cameras
Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook

Art created on a Samsung tablet will never be more vibrant than while using this powerful software.

Free trialVisit website

Those are three of the best drawing software for Samsung tablets to take your pick from.

SketchBook, Adobe Illustrator Draw, and Clip Studio Paint incorporate drawing and digital art toolkits few other Android apps can match.

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