Eador. Imperium issues: Missing items, resolution problems, and more

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Eador. Imperium is not your average fantasy game. This turn-based strategy and role-playing hybrid certainly drew attention from fans of both genres but when the game was released, players weren’t as cheerful as expected.

The game received mixed reviews on Steam, which means not everyone is satisfied with it. Those reviews were mainly provoked by Eador’s gameplay. Still, that’s not the only thing players find unsatisfying about the game.

We’ve wandered around Steam forum and found a few problems early adopters face.

Eador. Imperium issues

Missing in-game items

Items and equipment are very important for every strategy or RPG game, but it appears that Imperium players have problems acquiring the needed items as they simply don’t show up in the game.

Ok I’m confused. I had an encounter with a injured pheonix, I selected to create clothes from it. I paid a foreign craftsman 500 gold to create a cloak and supposedly got a pheonix cloak. But its not on character, nor in his inventory, or in treasury storage. where has it gone? I have noticed this at other times with different items but didn’t make any mention of it but it seems to be an ongoing thing.

Can’t change game resolution

There are some problems with video settings, as well. Namely, a few players reported they’re unable to change the in-game resolution.

Can’t change screen rez, cant play game!!! Cmon fix it alreadys plz!

Miscellaneous bugs

There’s a special thread on Steam where players report their issues with Eador. Imperium. So, if you have a problem, you can look for the solution there. Here are some of the most common issues we’ve found in this thread:

  1.  “Known idle hero bug (you want to get a message if you end your turn and one of your heroes does nothing) was not fixed – message for idle heroes is still not working”
  2. “I don’t understand that my flying units can fly on inaccessible points but cannot be deployed on such points at the start of the fight; the first campaign map with Ernizar where you have to win within 90 days ends in my game after day 73 automatically.”
  3. “When finishing a campaign map I don’t get a screen with the statistics (end at turn xy, finished at difficulty level y, fulfilled quests, killed dragons and so on)”
  4. “At the 2nd map of the campaign my 2nd hero is attacked – he is standing in a corner and an enemy is standing nearby but the hero cannot attack (he has stamina and can cast spells); maybe a result of the bug that units that cannot move (e.g. because of the terrain) cannot attack?”
  5. “I don’t know wheather that is intended: at the campaign all of the save games are combined with the name of the capitel – that means that now I have instead of 5 auto saves lots of useless further autosaves of maps that I already finished. Edit: meanwhile there are 15 autosaves spammed at the top of the list of saves.”

If you’ve encountered some problem that we didn’t list in this article, feel free to share it with us in the comments or submit your report on the above-mentioned Steam page.



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