Chromium-based Edge lets you download Chrome Store extensions

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A leaked version of Edge browser on Chromium revealed new read-aloud accessibility option, animations, and re-touches. 

Right before users start browsing, they are required to choose a style for the default tab page on the setup screen.

Furthermore, the upcoming browser version comes with sync support for approved extensions and a dedicated extensions page.

chromium egde extensions

In addition to the “web writing with stylus” and “set aside tabs”  features, the Chromium-based browser will also be featuring a dedicated dark mode. 

Users will be able to use Google’s Chrome extension webs store through a switch available in the browser. Microsoft plans to offer its own extension store.

Users can also import their existing Chrome or Edge‘s passwords, favorites, and browsing history. The feature is definitely going to reduce the pain of migrating. This time the browser is significantly faster as compared to the previous one.

Test Chromium-based Microsoft Edge

You can get a glimpse at the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser via the offline installer. It has a download size of 112 MB, which is pretty large.

As the installer has been released from an unofficial source, it is recommended that users should use either a virtual machine software or a sandbox utility to test the browser. 

Notably, the tech giant is still working on improving the browser and the missing features are expected to be available later this year.

Nowadays, most of the browsers use the same core, so apparently the UI of the browser is quite similar to the other Chromium-based browsers.

The browser‘s account icon is added automatically showing as it picks up the logged in Microsoft Account.

The menu has been developed into a hybrid of Edge‘s main menu and that of Google Chrome. As a matter of fact, most of the features resemble Chrome, the incognito mode is called InPrivate mode and the Read Aloud option is available by default.

Microsoft is yet to share any details regarding the availability of the Chromium-based version of Edge browser to the general public.



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