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Epson scanner software is a software used by Epson scanners and is excellent for projecting both prints and film images. Epson printers are powered by Epson scan software which gives users full control of your Epson scanner or printer.

There are several pros and cons concerning this scanner software due to the presence of many scanner software on the market. However, Epson scanner software is efficient as well as free to download on the Epson website.

Epson Scanner software features:

  • This software works with the latest Epson photo scanners.
  • It is capable of processing scanned images and objects to a maximum of 12.2×17.2 inches; this enables batch scanning of up to 30 slides simultaneously.
  • It allows for latest technologies and drivers which ensure efficiency and quality of image scanned
  • Scanner module and transparency module for transparent clear images.
  • The software has an easy to use Graphic user interface which makes it easier for beginners to access scanning features.
  • It has two major film software options with the Epson Scan 2 and the dedicated Lasersoft silver fast software.

epson scanner software for windows 7 8.1 10


  • Excellent selection and scanning of images
  • Cool image quality
  • Free to download
  • Cool user interface.


  • No inbuilt film profile
  • Fewer features compared to VueScan and Silverfast

More about the Epson scanner software for Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Epson scanner software is the power behind various Epson scanners and three in one printer over the years. Epson scanner is compatible with most Windows Operating Systems from Windows XP up to Windows 10. The scanner software essentially gives your Windows PC access to control your scanner.

Also, you can easily decide the frames you need. The Epson scan controls two lenses present in the scanner. This two lens form the basis of scanning, the first camera gives a pre-focused image for the basics of your work. This gives you better image quality and full features contained in the scanning software. Also, Epson scanner software enables users to scan up to files of 35mm deep, medium format, and large patterns.

Sometimes, Epson scanner software is included in the printer package for easy installation and usage of the software. However, you can install the Epson scanner software independently from the website as it is free to download and use for your system.

There are various versions such as Epson Scan for Personal Use, though you can download the client program of Epson Scan for Businesses. It has more features and users can access simultaneously various scanned documents at a time.

Epson scan can also be used across several computer networks. However, you will need to have “Epson scan for business” available before using it across a network of servers and networking.

The user interface is well arranged making it easy for beginners to use. You can make a modification to your settings which is a cool option to have. An important thing to note is that, the developers are working on improving Epson scanner software with subsequent releases of newer versions.

You can download the scanner software from the official website.


The scanner software is among the best with the Epson using this software for the majority of their scanners and printers.

In addition, Epson scanner software for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 is free to download here which means you can get all the drivers and executable devices without paying anything. However, the  software has limitation as it only works on Epson printers.

An average Epson photocopier cost around £2000; this is quite expensive. Meanwhile, Epson scanner software is an efficient software. It may be better to settle for a less expensive scanner, however it give good value forget the scanners as you become opened with possibilities.



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