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Using a workgroup or being part of a network center comes with advantages that can make our work easier. Sharing files and different other things with another computer, solving daily tasks by dividing work, storing files in a common folder and other similar operations can be managed, administrated and completed without any hassle through the Windows 10 network and sharing center functionality.

But, sometimes your work can be interrupted due to a system error. And one of the most common issues related with Windows Network PCs is the 0x800704cf error which comes along with the following message: ‘Network error – Windows cannot access’.

In Windows 10, this 0x800704cf error code usually occurs every time you try to access Network PC, or when an Workgroup is initiated.

The first thing to do after getting error 0x800704cf

The first thing to do is to run a ‘diagnose’ by using the Windows wizard – when the error message pops up click on ‘Diagnose’ and follow the on-screen prompts. The Windows system will try to identify why your network center isn’t working properly and will also try to find the right solutions for your problems– these solutions should be automatically applied, or you can receive some general indications on how to resolve the problems manually.

Now, if this diagnose process isn’t helpful for you, don’t despair. You can take matter into your own hands and try to fix the 0x800704cf error code manually. This dedicated step by step operation can be easily applied and involves in applying the guidelines from below.

How to fix Windows Network error 0x800704cf

Change adapter settings

The first solution to apply can be completed through the Network and Sharing center; from there you need to change the adapter settings as explained:

  1. On your Windows 10 system press the Win+I keyboard keys in order to bring the System Settings window.
  2. From there you have to click on Network & Internet (Wi-Fi, airplane mode, VPN).windows settings network and internet error 0x800704cf
  3. The available network connections will be now displayed on your computer.
  4. Scroll down until you find Change adapter options.change adapter windows 10 error 0x800704cf
  5. Access that feature.
  6. Network Connections will be displayed now.
  7. Right-click on the current Wi-Fi network connection that’s available on your Windows 10 device; afterwards choose Properties.error 0x800704cf
  8. Uncheck the first option that’s displayed: ‘Client form Microsoft Networks’.
  9. Save your changes and reboot your machine.

Reset TCP/IP

If changing adapter settings isn’t solving the 0x800704cf error code chances are there is something wrong with your TCP/IP. So, a reset is implied:

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start icon and from the list that’s displayed choose ‘Command Prompt (admin)’.
  2. In the cmd window first type: ipconfig /flushdns. This command will clear DNS cache.reset IP windows 10
  3. In the same cmd window enter nbtstat -RR for refreshing NetBIOS entries.
  4. Now, reset the IP settings by executing netsh int ip reset.
  5. The last command that must be performed from cmd is netsh winsock reset.
  6. In the end, close the cmd window and reboot your Windows 10 system.

Uninstall Network Adapters

If you are still dealing with the 0x800704cf error code, you should uninstall network adapters in order to scan and apply any hardware changes. Here is how you can initiate and complete this process:

  1. Click on the Search icon – it’s located near the Windows start button and it usually is the same icon with Windows Cortana.
  2. In the Search box type Device Manager. Click on the first result.device manager windows 10 0x800704cf
  3. The Device Manager window should now be displayed on your computer.
  4. From the main panel, click on View and select ‘show hidden files’.device manager show hidden files 0x800704cf
  5. Expand the Network Adapters to bring the list of Adapters available on your PC.
  6. Manually uninstall the adapters one by one – right click on each entry and select ‘uninstall’.unninstall network adapters 0x800704cf
  7. Hint: if you cannot uninstall a certain Adapter, don’t worry, go to the next entry.
  8. When done, click on Action and select ‘scan for hardware changes’.
  9. In the end, save your changes and reboot your Windows 10 device.

We hope that one of the troubleshooting methods listed above fixed the 0x800704cf Windows Network PC error. However, if you are still in the same stage as you were when you first started this troubleshooting process, let us know in the comments below. Tell us more about the error log and any other details. Of course, we will try to find the perfect fix for you as soon as possible.



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