13 Best Ethereum Gas Price Trackers to Avoid High Fees

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Key notes

  • Ethereum gas price spike is a result of its congested network, and thus, you will have to pay more for transactions. 
  • Using a gas price tracker is the only way to ensure the economical cost of transactions on the ETH blockchain. 
  • It is advisable to use ETH gas price trackers with notifications for faster access to information. 
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Ethereum gas price trackers have become the new norm in the Ethereum network. The gas price tracker will help economize your spending.

The second-largest cryptocurrency is Ethereum and it is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This digital mechanism needs gas for effective operation on Ethereum. 

However, Ethereum gas is constantly fluctuating in price. Most times, it is on the rise. As such, transactions on the network often become abysmal due to high gas fees. 

To take advantage of the price fluctuation and pay a much less gas fee when it is low, this article will review the best Ethereum gas price trackers to avoid high fees.

What are the Ethereum gas price and price per transaction?

The Ethereum gas fee is the cost or charges required to perform a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Since the price isn’t fixed, each transaction fee depends on how complex it is. Although the minimum cost of a transaction on the network requires 21,000 gas.

Meanwhile, ETH gas price is measured in gigawei (gwei) units. A gigawei is measured in 1,000,000,000 Wei. Thus, the level of difficulty of your transaction will determine the units of gwei needed for the transaction. 

Then, you’ll multiply the units of gwei needed for the transaction by the minimum transaction cost to get your gas fee.

Why is the Ethereum gas price so expensive?

Ethereum blockchain operates using the Proof of Work system. Hence, it requires a certain amount of computational effort from miners to process transactions. 

The miners receive the gas fee as an incentive for their hash rate which is needed to secure the system. So, they can deny or validate a transaction based on what they consider to be the right gas fee. 

Since the Ethereum blockchain is heavily congested, transactions compete with others to be validated on the network. Hence, others include priority fees to improve their chances and this increases the gas fees. 

Also, most Defi and smart contracts take up more space due to their complex nature. To complete their transactions on the network, they can increase the gas fees to secure faster validation.

What are the best Ethereum gas price trackers?

Cryptocurrency Alerting – Best alerting service

Cryptocurrency Alerting offers one of the most trusted and reliable alert services for all crypto enthusiasts, blockchain developers, and traders. 

Using this app, you can set an alert to track the fluctuations in the Ethereum gas fee and take advantage of the low gas fee period. 

It has an alert system set up that supports up to 9 different platforms which include: Slack bot, Telegram bot, SMS, Email, and so on. 

This Ethereum gas price tracker prioritizes user protection by encrypting the website with SSL. 

It also sources real-time data from 46 different crypto exchanges for accurate gas fee representation. 

One of the most important perks of using this app is the freedom it avails individuals.

You don’t have to engage in the stress of price-watching for a long time. Just set, forget and wait for the right time to send a transaction.

Get Cryptocurrency Alerting

Etherscan – Transparent decentralized tracking

Etherscan is a household name when it comes to Ethereum. It is built specifically to monitor the Ethereum blockchain network. 

It keeps track of blockchain transactions on the network and provides details on transaction status that have been confirmed or are pending. 

Get real-time data to calculate Ethereum gas fees through the gas tracker feature. 

In addition, the gas tracker is updated every 15 seconds for fast access to market fluctuations. 

Using this site, you can compare the differences in transaction costs on various popular exchange platforms. 

Further, you are not required to sign up before using the Etherscan app. Although, signing up allows you access to set alerts to receive notifications.

Get Etherscan

Blocknative Gas Estimator – Best interface

Blocknative Gas Estimator breaches the gap between just information and action-taking. 

It is one of the trusted platforms to get a comprehensive view of transaction activities and has an easy-to-use interface. 

With this tool, you can get the best gas fee deals due to its Mempool Explorer which gathers data from pending ETH transactions. 

Further, it predicts potential gas prices based on block number rather than time. This helps in decision-making on the best time to make transactions. 

Also, its browser extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers for faster and easier access to market data.

Get Blocknative Gas Estimator

Ethereumprice Gas Charts – Minimalistic but powerful

If you are looking for a blend of history and up-to-date facts about the Ethereum gas fee, this is the best platform for you. 

Ethereumprice prioritizes using historical data to predict the best time to send transactions during the day on the Ethereum network. 

It provides a heat map that updates after every hour with analysis using 2 weeks of data and a real-time gas hourly price chart.

Get Ethereumprice Gas Charts

Etherchain – Most accurate fee cap average

Etherchain is another good Ethereum gas price tracker with a series of features for reduced gas deals for users. 

Banking on the Gas Price Oracle, the app predicts gas prices using available pending transactions in the Ethereum Mempool. 

It estimates current transaction costs alongside gas history to formulate a heatmap for gas price predictions. 

This platform updates its data after every 5 seconds with current market information. Another perk is you don’t need to sign up before gaining access to its gas tracker and Oracle.

Get Etherchain

Stay up to date with the latest fluctuations in gas prices with this platform and access information for cheaper ETH transaction prices. 

It levels the playing field for mobile users with an immersing interface that prioritizes mobile users. 

This gas price tracker feature generate real-time data from many exchange sires to present average result. 

Also, the gas tracker provides, at all times, the market average for fast, standard, and slow transactions. This helps decide which to go for when sending a transaction.

Get Crypto.com

Useweb3 – Most simple gas price tracker

For simple, minimalistic, and accurate gas price information, this Ethereum gas price tracker excels at that. 

It has a basic interface platform. However, you can get the total average gas price based on transaction cost and average per hour. 

Useweb3 also offers a 14 days gas price chart for effective monitoring of fluctuations in price. 

Get Useweb3

Ethgas Station – Most detailed gas pricing

This is a one-stop for all things related to Ethereum gas. It provides real-time market data on gas fees in Fiat value rather than gwei. 

Further, there’s a live chart based on transaction counts and the time taken before each gas fee is accepted. 

You can also access live gas use from other exchange sites while accessing gas fee leaderboards and the miners available.

Get Ethgas Station

Owlracle – Accurate price predictions

This is a multi-chain gas price tracker. Owlracle scans past blocks to generate an acceptably low gas fee minimum for a successful ETH transaction. 

The API can be integrated into other apps just to access the information faster. 

It uses the major platforms and provides app extensions for chrome and Edge. Also, support bots are available on telegram, Slack, and Twitter for fast access to gas price information.

Get Owlracle

Opensea Ychart – Best NFT gas tracker

Get an average gas price without hassles and pay fewer charges for your Ethereum transactions. 

By avoiding the complex analysis related to the other trackers, Opensea Ychart eases access to market data. 

Subscribing to the standard plan, you can use the notification feature. Hence, you can customize the notification to get informed once the price is low for you to exploit.

Get Opensea Ychart

Raribleanalytics – Focused on Rarible users

This minimalistic platform offers access to a live following of the Ethereum gas price. 

It has a measurement bar for the gwei and recommends what is expected to be too expensive and normal. Hence, you can make transactions when the gas fee is low. 

Raribleanalytics integrates a customizable alert system for email subscribers. You can set and wait to be notified once the gas fee gets to your desired price for the transaction.

Get Raribleanalytics

Gasprice.io – Easiest API integration

Monitor ETH gas prices with this platform and get access to real-time price data. You can get the fee cap on instant, fast, and Eco transactions. 

Also, Gasprice.io presents insights into recent gas prices and deep transactional pool analysis. 

Further, it uses monthly data to determine the potentially lowest day for gas prices. To which, you can exploit for cheap charges on transactions.

Get Gasprice.io

Gasfeenow – Suited for NFT traders

Get access to one of the best ETH and NFT gas price tracker. It focuses on activities on two marketplaces: Rarible and Foundation.

For NFT enthusiasts, this platform provides the best option to get the best deals on your mints. So, you don’t have to pay excessively high gas prices anymore by tracking it on the platform. 

The platform displays Ethereum and NFT gas fees updated every five seconds from various sources and the fees on the website are updated without page reloading from your part.

Get Gasfeenow

How do I monitor ETH gas price?

Etherium is one of the most important cryptocurrencies and all the apps and services listed above will help you monitor its gas prices.

Some of the tools require you to enter the cryptocurrency which you want to track while others provide the required data straight from the platform.

These are the best Ethereum gas price trackers to get access to fast and reliable data. Further, the tools here can help avoid the ETH high gas fees. 

However, if you want to track other cryptocurrencies, check out our article on the best cryptocurrency alert apps and services.

You can also read our list of the best apps for cryptocurrency live prices for additional information. 

Leave your comments and suggestions below in the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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