While you might have sufficient or at least some knowledge about which cryptocurrency to invest in, there is not much awareness or very little information about the best crypto wallet on PC.

On one hand, while it is extremely crucial to understand the ins and outs of a cryptocurrency before you invest, it is equally important to select the best crypto wallet, as it is where you will keep all or some of your cryptocurrency.

A quick search would give you a bunch of crypto wallet options available for PC. But it is pretty hard to narrow it down to a list of options that offers the best features among all the wallets available.

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Some users are still confused about how NFTs work, and why people can’t just screenshot an image they want. The answer is very simple: a screenshot of an NFT doesn’t allow you to have your crypto wallet attached to purchasing that NFT, meaning that you are not the owner of it.

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This is where this guide comes into the picture. Here, in this post, we will give you all the information you need about crypto wallets along with some of the best crypto wallet options you can use on your PC.

Let us take a look at the best crypto wallets you can store your cryptocurrencies in.

What are the different types of crypto wallets available?

Before we begin with this list of the best crypto wallet options on PC, it would be pretty handy if you had some knowledge about the different types of crypto wallets available.

If you were thinking that there was just one standard type of cryptocurrency wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, then you were wrong. Let us discuss them in simple and easy-to-understand terms.

Hot Wallet

Hot Wallets are the types of wallets that are always connected to the internet. Thus, they are less secure, and always at a risk of being hacked.

Hot Wallets are useful if you are into daily cryptocurrency transactions. These are easy to set up, and funds are easily accessible.

Desktop Wallets – available to download as an application on the desktop
Web Wallets – accessible via a web browser
Mobile Wallets – an app on your smartphone to use a mobile wallet

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Cold Wallet

In contrast to Hot Wallets which are always connected to the internet, Cold Wallets are offline. Hence, they are more secure since you do not require internet connectivity to access your wallet.

Such wallets are used for long-term holdings.

Paper Wallets – pieces of paper that include QR codes and keys that would help you access your cryptocurrencies
Hardware Wallets – wallets that are physical and save private keys on a device offline (e.g USB drive)

What are the best crypto wallet options on PC?

Exodus Wallet

Exodus crypto wallet

Founded back in 2015, by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli, the Exodus crypto wallet is a type of cold wallet, that is only available purely as a desktop wallet.

It has made its name as a crypto wallet for the public, who aren’t too nerdy about crypto wallets and are looking for a safe place to keep their cryptocurrencies.

You can use this Exodus crypto wallet to send, receive, and exchange more than 100+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Exodus wallet has a nice and modern user interface. It even allows you to monitor the crypto market’s movements while you’re on the go, right from your desktop app.

It also offers the option to add more functionality using different apps. Although Exodus is a pretty safe crypto wallet, it lacks two-factor authentication and multi-signature features.

Here are some of the key features of Exodus crypto wallet:

  • Available only for desktop and Android
  • Provides security using offline using Trezor hardware
  • Support exchange of over 100 cryptocurrencies
  • Easy to use interface

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Guarda crypto wallet

Guarda is another popular cold crypto wallet that comes with some advanced features. One of the key features of Guarda is that it supports over 50 blockchains and thousands of other crypto assets.

It offers some of the best exchange rates, as well as crypto loans and the ability to earn money by staking. To add that extra layer of security, this crypto wallet comes with the option of multi-signature.

Along with popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc., Guarda also supports several altcoins such as Zcash, Ripple, and DASH.

Another good thing about this wallet is that it does not store any information, wallet keys, or personal data in it. Your private key will be stored inside the device’s secure memory. It gets deleted once you log out of the app.

Some of the best features of the Guarda crypto wallet are:

  • It is a hybrid crypto wallet
  • Offers multi-signature security layer
  • Gives you features such as crypto loan
  • Supports more than 50 major blockchains and thousands of assets

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MetaMask wallet

If you are looking for a browser-based crypto wallet because you indulge in trading crypto every day, then MetaMask could be a solid option for you.

MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet, that can be downloaded as an extension for compatible browsers. The UI of this crypto wallet is brilliant, minimal, and free of clutter.

This web wallet offers Swap technology, which negates the need to go through multiple exchanges to compare crypto prices and then swap.

Yes, MetaMask does come with transaction fees, but that is decided based on the network you use. Notably, if you use Binance Smart Chain, you will be charged based on it.

You can even store crypto collectibles and NFT art in it. Moreover, it is easily accessible under the Collectibles tab.

Here are the highlights of using MetaMask crypto wallet:

  • It is a web wallet, so you don’t need to download an app
  • You can store your crypto collectibles and NFT arts
  • Offers Swap technology for swapping cryptos
  • The user interface is modern and minimal

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Freewallet best crypto wallet Windows 11

Another option for crypto users looking for a web-based wallet is Freewallet. This crypto wallet comes with the option to send, store, and manage 100+ cryptocurrencies.

You can avail of the free transfer feature between Freewallet users, so that is a plus. Freewallet supports major credit and debit cards for purchasing different cryptocurrencies.

It has an extra layer of security in the form of multi-signature confirmation for every transaction. You can also set limits per day or week to minimize the risk of theft.

The Freewallet interface can be translated into 13 languages, and all coins in the wallet are stored in cold storage. Moreover, it also has advanced security features such as 2FA, pin-code, and even fingerprint support.

Let us look at some of the best features of Freewallet:

  • Offers a built-in exchange with support for over 100 cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple security features such as 2FA, multi-signature, fingerprint support
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Available in 13 languages

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Created back in 2011 by Thomas Voegtlin, Electrum is a lightweight and easy-to-use crypto wallet for your PC. It is available across platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

It offers you the option to encrypt your wallet file to make it extra secure. Furthermore, you can use the Electrum wallet in cold storage wallet mode as well.

The advantage of this is that, although you can receive Bitcoins in your wallet, you won’t be able to spend them. It is helpful if you wish to stay long-term in the game.

It is fast and smooth because it makes use of servers that index the Bitcoin blockchain. It verifies all of your history using SPV for proof checking. You can enhance its feature list by using add-ons.

Here are some of the key highlights of the Electrum crypto wallet:

  • Easy-to-use and lightweight dekstop wallet
  • You can recover your Bitcoin using wallet seed
  • It encrypts your private keys on the PC itself
  • You can export your private keys and use them on other clients
  • Supports add-ons for enhnaced user experience

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How to choose the best crypto wallet for PC

Cryptocurrencies are seen as the future of money and all transactions. There are multiple platforms to buy and sell cryptos on, and there are lucrative offers as well.

However, now the question arises: what are the things you should look out for before selecting the best crypto wallet for yourself?

To help you in this regard, here is a list of the top points you should keep in mind when choosing a crypto wallet to store your precious crypto holdings.

  • Check the company’s background.
  • Does the crypto wallet offer any advanced security features such as 2FA, biometric authentication, multi-signature, etc.?
  • Understand how your private key will be handled by a particular crypto wallet.
  • Is there active customer support available, that will help you regain access if something happens to your wallet or PC?
  • Is the crypto wallet compatible with the device you will be using it in?
  • Are there any extra charges?
  • Is the UI easy-to-understand?

These are some of the top points you should consider before opting for a crypto wallet. We would advise you to go for a hardware crypto wallet such as the Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T, as these are more secure and safe.

Another thing that we would suggest is that if trade in cryptocurrencies, then using a VPN makes a lot of sense. For starters, when you make a payment for purchasing cryptos, with a VPN you become anonymous.

If at all hackers try to hack the trading platform, then at least your IP address will remain anonymous. Further, a VPN encrypts your data, and no information such as your physical location is linked with your crypto wallet address.

Based on our recommendations, some of the best VPNs that you can opt for are PIA, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

We’d like to know your thoughts on this topic. Let us know in the comments below which crypto wallet you are using now, or have decided to go for.

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