Fix Event Viewer error 6008 with these 3 solutions

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The Event Viewer error  6008 is triggered if the computer was shut down forcefully using remote shutdown tool or automatically by a third-party program without the user request. This error can affect any version of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10 and occur due to several reasons. To fix the Event Viewer error 6008, you should follow the steps below.

What causes Event ID 6008?

1. Hardware Issue

  1. One of the reasons why the event ID 6008 can get triggered is if your system shut down unexpectedly. This can be due to one of the hardware component is malfunctioning in your system.
  2. Check if your CPU is overheating. You can check the CPU temperature using any third-party app. If on a desktop computer, check if the Sink fan is working.Event Viewer error 6008
  3. Try to clean the heat sink fan by removing the dirt using compressed air.
  4. You need to also check your power supply unit (PSU) for any malfunction. If you have older PSU running on modern hardware, it can create power issues and the system may shut down to prevent any damage to the hardware component.

2.  Roll Back Driver

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and press OK to open the Device Manager.
  3. In the Device Manager, expand Display Adapter.
  4. Right-click on your Graphic card driver (or any other driver that you may have updated) and select Properties.
  5. Go to the Driver tab.
    Roll back driver in Windows 10
  6. Click the Roll Back Driver button and click Yes when asked for confirmation.
  7. After the driver is rolled back, reboot the system and check if the event error still logged.

Based on reports, Event Viewer on the latest Windows 10 release is riddled by bugs. Patch it now.

3. Check for Windows Update

  1. If the issue is prevalent then it is possible that Microsoft may have released an update to fix the problem. Check for any pending Windows update, if you haven’t done already.
  2. Click on Start and select Settings.
  3. Go to Update and Security.
  4. Click on Windows Update.
    Check for Windows Updates
  5. Click Check for Update button.
  6. If any new is found, click Download now / Update now button to install the update.
  7. After the update is installed, check if the event ID is triggered again or if your system is freezing.

Uninstall Feature Updates

  1. If the error occurred if you installed a Windows Update, you can try to uninstall the KB update from the Control Panel.
  2. Press Windows Key + R.
  3. Type Control and press the OK button.
  4. In the Control Panel, go to Uninstall Programs. 
  5. From the left pane click on View Installed Updates.
    Uninstall KB Update
  6. Now select the most recently installed update and when you think the problem began and uninstall it.
  7. Reboot the system and check for any improvements.


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