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  • If you've been blocked by someone on Facebook, then you have encountered the message This content isn't available right now.
  • You should try to log in again or any of the other useful solutions presented in this article.
  • You can always take a look at our Facebook webpage to find some more useful information.
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Fix This content isn't available right now

Sorry, this content isn’t available right now is one of the most common Facebook errors.

Almost everyone faced the error message from Facebook, but we all know that the social platform also has the function of blocking some contacts.

If your crush is suspiciously quiet after a social networking dispute, you may have been blocked. And you will not receive a message about any block, but only the above-mentioned error message.

What does it mean when Facebook says this content isn’t available right now?Facebook error this content isn't available right now block profile

If you’ve been blocked on Facebook, the following features will no longer be visible or available to the contact on the blocking user:

  1. Content and new posts from the contact will no longer be visible or available to the blocking user.
  2. Adding as a friend is no longer possible.
  3. Chats cannot be conducted.
  4. Invitations to groups and events can no longer be issued.
  5. You can’t see almost anything from the other contact. Only comments and old conversations can appear.

Check out the solutions below to learn how you can get past this annoying problem.

How can I fix the Sorry, this content isn’t available right now error?

1. Your profile has been deactivated or deletedFacebook error this content isn't available right now deactivate and delete

This content isn’t available message can come up as well due to the reason for violating guidelines or the authenticity of your profile.

In other words, Facebook optimizes its website every day by removing profiles that are susceptible of vicious content.

Just make sure that you are up to date with the guidelines.

2. The owner has changed his privacy settingsFacebook error this content isn't available right now private group

Privacy settings could be a reason why you receive this error message. If the post owner changes his privacy settings after some time, the content remains available only to those whom he allows to.

Be sure to check with the owner about the recent changes that he implemented.

3. You are logged outFacebook error this content isn't available right now sign up

If you are spending too much time on the Internet, it might happen that Facebook makes you log out of your account involuntarily.

You have to refresh the page and, when the login screen shows up, enter your credentials.

If you want to replace your browser with a better one, check out this list with the best Facebook browsers.

4. Facebook servers are down

Sometimes Facebook is doing maintenance work, or the server is overloaded. Usually, maintenance does not take longer than a moment.

However, you can try to log in at regular intervals of 15 minutes.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Facebook errors

  • How do you fix This content isn’t available right now on Facebook?

Sometimes your profile can be deactivated or deleted. For more ways to repair Facebook error messages here’s a handy guide.

  • Does content not available on Facebook mean I’m blocked?

One of the causes may be that the owner has changed his privacy settings. Also, you need to solve any pop-up messages like This article is x months old to make sure that everything is ok.

  • Does Facebook remove inappropriate content?

Users who post illegal or inappropriate content can be blocked by Facebook. Sometimes, you’ll have to fix page eligibility problems to get past Facebook’s privacy checks.

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