FedEx tracking number isn’t found? Here’s what you can do

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • When FedEx doesn't find your tracking number, it's often because the service didn't get to scan the parcel to include it in their systems, so be patient.
  • There are a few options that you can use to track your shipping if you don't have a tracking number, so keep reading.
  • Errors are common with web apps and we have a whole list of them in our separate FedEx Issues section.
  • Also, don't miss our Web Apps Hub for a lot of useful guides.
fedex tracking number not found
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Tracking numbers are one detail that any delivery service uses to identify a package and also to allow their clients (be them senders or receivers) to track the delivery status of their package.

FedEx is no different, allowing you to track your package from the start of the delivery to the end.

Having a tracking number, one can easily go to the service’s webpage and without much fuss find out if the shipment is on its way or whether they can expect it to arrive on a certain day.

With FedEx, it sometimes happens that clients are trying to enter the tracking number in the search form, but the service returns a not found message.

Why is my FedEx tracking number not found?

If the service tells you that your tracking number can’t be found, it usually means that your shipment hasn’t been picked up yet by the courier or the courier has not scanned it when tracking number

It is common for delivery services to offer a tracking number for any parcel that they process. However, it takes up to 24 hours to sort out all the packages received in one day. Only afterward is the tracking number registered in their systems.

How can I track my parcel without a tracking number?

As mentioned, you should allow 24 hours between the day the parcel was sent before searching for it in the system.

Or, if for any reason you misplaced the tracking number, or you have the wrong one, you can track your shipments online using the reference number assigned to your shipment.

You can also use the FedEx InSight service to track packages without a tracking number or call the FedEx Customer Service to talk to one of the agents.

Since FedEx is one of the most reliable delivery services, you’ll surely get a positive response in the end.

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