FIFA 17 players can’t delete squads, EA investigates the issue

Madeleine Dean By: Madeleine Dean
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Two weeks after the official release, FIFA 17 is still plagued by many bugs. The first patch for the game is already available for PC, and the patch version for the Xbox One console should arrive soon.

However, despite EA’s best efforts, FIFA 17 doesn’t offer a smooth gaming experience for all users. One of the latest FIFA 17 bugs prevents gamers from deleting squads or changing players in all of their squads. The deleted squads keep appearing and this is very annoying because it costs gamers tons of coins.

FIFA 17 bug prevents gamers from deleting squads

i can’t delete squad, every time i try to delete a squad it keeps reappearing, i can’t change players in all of my squads, i can’t play online, i can’t do ****, and after a few tries it says “Unable to retrieve the list of roses from the server”.

The good news is that EA has acknowledged the issue and is actively looking for a fix. Meanwhile, there are still a few things you can do to alleviate this annoying issue.

If you are experiencing this bug with specific players, try creating a new squad either using the squad generator or a new squad that doesn’t contain a player that was active prior to this issue occurring. Then, try playing a FUT game, a normal game or a Single Player Season game, and you should be able to use these players again. However, this solution doesn’t work for all users.

Judging by the gamers’ feedback, it appears that EA has pushed some sort of a hotfix, but only half of the problem is solved. Some gamers, not all, are now able to delete squads, but they can’t create new ones, nor edit old squads.

FIFA 17 edit squad error

So far, it appears that this issue is affecting only Windows PC and PS 4 gamers. Xbox One owners don’t seem to be affected by this bug.

Have you also experienced this bug when you tried to delete or change your squads? If you’ve found a solution for this issue, you can list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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