File Explorer to get overhauled on Windows 10

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Previously known as Windows Explorer, File Explorer on Windows 10 is slated to receive a major update soon according to reports. File Explorer allows users to work with files and folders on their PC, network, and OneDrive.

The File Explorer is without a doubt one of the most used applications out there. Its last major update came with Windows 8, which consisted of developers adding ribbon UI for common tasks such as creating, copying, or moving folders in addition to zipping and emailing items.

While we agree that File Explorer is an awesome application, it currently doesn’t have a UI optimized for modern touch based devices. For example, when you try to use the File Explorer on a Surface Pro 4 device, it is quite difficult to touch the options that you want to access.

Previously on Windows 8, there was a modern OneDrive application which allowed you to use File Explorer to browse through files on touch screens. However, Microsoft hasn’t added the OneDrive app to Windows 10, which means that there is no official method that allows you to browse files from another device.

File Explorer to Receive Soon an Overhaul on Windows 10 2

Microsoft is aware of this issue and, according to reports, it is currently working on it. Peter Skillman, GM of Core UX for Windows Desktop, has confirmed that File Explorer will receive a major update soon which will allow users to operate it with ease on touch-based devices. Unfortunately, Skillman didn’t say exactly when we’d see this update added to Windows Insider builds, but we are hoping that this will happen soon.

However, Microsoft will need to make sure that during the process of modernizing the File Explorer app that it will not make the application less powerful or more annoying for both touch and keyboard and mouse users.


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