How to fix corrupted FoxPro DBF files once and for all

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fix corrupted FoxPro DBF files

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DBF is a database file format that you can utilize in FoxPro and other DBMS software, such as dBase and MS Access. The DBF format is one prone to corruption, so it’s worth saving a backup DBF copy. However, if you haven’t kept a backup, you can still fix a corrupted DBF. Below are a few resolutions that might fix corrupted DBF files.

Solutions to fix corrupted FoxPro DBF files

  1. Check if There’s a Previous DBF Version
  2. Fix the DBF at Recovery Toolbox
  3. Fix the DBF with DBF Repair Toolbox

1. Check if There’s a Previous DBF Version

First, check if File History has kept a previous version backup of your DBF. If you’ve enabled File History in Windows 10, you might be in luck. To check for an earlier file version, open the DBF’s folder in Explorer. Then right-click the DBF and select Restore previous versions. Select the Previous Versions tab on the window that opens to see if there’s another file version. If so, you can select the previous DBF file and click Restore to restore it.

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2. Fix the DBF at Recovery Toolbox

Recovery Toolbox is a DBF recovery service that you can utilize in your browser. You can fix a FoxPro, dBase and Clipper DBF at Recovery Toolbox. Note that the service charge amounts to $10 per one GB, so it might be more economical to utilize third-party software if you need to repair a three or four GB DBF.

  • To fix a DBF at Recovery Toolbox, open this webpage in your browser.

  • Then you can press the Select File button to select your corrupted DBF.
  • Enter your email address and the captcha code in the email and image text boxes.
  • Click the Next Step button to fix the corrupted file.

3. Fix the DBF with DBF Repair Toolbox

There are numerous third-party software utilities that repair FoxPro DBF files. The DBF Repair Toolbox software fixes most Visual FoxPro DBF file versions. DBF Repair Toolbox is retailing at $27, and you can try out a trial version. This is how you can repair DBFs with DBF Repair Toolbox.

  • Click Download on this page to save the DBF Repair Toolbox setup wizard to a folder.
  • Open the software’s installer to install DBF Repair.
  • Then click DBF Repair Toolbox on the Start menu to open the software’s window.
  • Click the folder button on the right of the Source file name path box to select a corrupted DBF to fix.
  • Click the Analyze button, and select the Yes option on the Confirm dialog box.

  • After fixing a DBF, the software will show you content of the file as below. Click the Yes button to continue.

  • Select a folder path and file title for the fixed DBF in the Repaired file name box.
  • Choose a file version for the DBF from the drop-down menu in the snapshot directly below.

  • Then select the Save option to save the fixed file.
  • Press the Finish button to exit.

So you can repair a corrupted DBF with DBF Repair Toolbox and Recovery Toolbox. DataNumen DBF Repair and SysInfoTools DBF Recovery are also two other utilities worth noting that fix FoxPro DBF files.



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