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Image files can get corrupted when downloaded or imported from camera and mobile devices. When an image is corrupted, an error message might pop up within a photo editor or picture viewer stating that the software can’t open the file. You can fix a corrupted image online and with file repair software. If you can’t open a corrupted image with Windows software, check out some the resolutions below.

Fix corrupted images online using these tools

  1. Open the Image With Alternative Photo Editor Software
  2. Fix the Image With the OfficeRecovery Web Tool
  3. Repair Corrupted GIF Files at Ezgif
  4. Convert the Image to an Alternative File Format
  5. Fix the Image With Third-Party Software

1. Open the Image With Alternative Photo Editor Software

First, try opening the image with alternative photo software. An image isn’t necessarily corrupted if one photo editor doesn’t open it. It might be the case that the software doesn’t support the image’s file format. Most image editor software open JPEG, PNG and GIF files, but there are quite a few other image formats that aren’t so widely supported.

2. Fix the Image With the OfficeRecovery Web Tool

You can fix corrupted images with the OfficeRecovery web app. That app fixes corrupted JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and RAW picture files. Note that the OfficeRecovery app has a $9.99 fee to download one fixed file. It also provides demo output, but those images include expansive watermarks that obscure most of the picture. You can fix corrupted pictures with the OfficeRecovery web utility as follows.

  • Open the OfficeRecovery web app at this page.

  • Click the Choose file button to select the corrupted image to fix.
  • Press the Secure Upload and Repair button.
  • Then click Get the repaired file to open the page shown directly below.

  • Click the file title to save the demo image to a folder.
  • Click Purchase full recovery for $9.99 to order the fully fixed image.

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3. Repair Corrupted GIF Files at Ezgif

The website includes a Repair corrupted GIF file web app that provides some options for fixing GIF images. That is a freely available web app which is worth noting if you need to repair a corrupted GIF. You can repair GIF files with that utility as follows.

  • Press the Choose file button, and select a GIF file to fix.
  • Click the Upload button.
  • A photo editor will then open where you can select four options on a Repair method drop-down menu. Select the Drop corrupt frames option on that menu to start with, and you can select the other options if that setting doesn’t fix the GIF.

  • Then press the Submit button.

4. Convert the Image to an Alternative File Format

Converting corrupted images to other file formats might fix them. You can convert images to numerous formats at This is how you can convert image formats at

  • Click here to open in a browser.
  • Click Image converter on the left of the page. Then select a file format to convert the image to.

  • Press the Choose Files button.
  • Select the corrupted image, and click the Open button.
  • Click the Start conversion button to convert the image to new file format.

  • Click the Download button to save the new file to a folder.

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5. Fix the Image With Third-Party Software

You can also fix corrupted images with various third-party file repair software. Stellar Phoenix provides reliable file repair software. Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is one of the publisher’s file repair utilities that users can fix JPEGs or JPGs with on Windows or Mac platforms. The software is retailing at $39, but you can try out a Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair trial package to see if it fixes your image.

  • To repair corrupted images with Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, press the Free Download button on this webpage.
  • Then open the software’s setup wizard to add JPEG Repair to Windows.
  • Open the Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software window.

  • Click the Add File button to select a corrupted JPEG image to repair. You can select more than one file to repair at once.
  • JPEG Repair will weave its magic when you press the Repair button.
  • Thereafter, select the JPEG file to see a preview for it.

  • If you’re utilizing registered version of the software, you can press Save button to save the JPEG.

The above web apps and software might fix most corrupted images. You can also repair images with the software included in this article. Nevertheless, it’s still worth keeping your original photos on your camera or phone as backup files.



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