Repair Corrupted MP3 Files Online and Offline: 3 Free Ways

Tested and proven ways to repair your audio files

by Matthew Adams
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  • If you want to repair your corrupted MP3 files online and offline for free, there are excellent websites and apps.
  • Some of the top repair options also work as audio converters.
repair corrupted mp3 files online free

A music file might be corrupted if it isn’t played in a media player. Before jumping to hasty conclusions, try playing the audio file in multiple media players.

However, you’ll probably need to repair the music file if it doesn’t playback in VLC or any other media player. This is how you can fix corrupted music files that don’t playback.

How can I repair corrupted MP3 files?

1. Repair corrupted MP3 files online

MP3 is one of the biggest file formats for music. If you need to repair a corrupted MP3 file online for free, a series of websites can help you.

Most of these sites have impressive interfaces and are easy to use. So, you only need to visit the website and get going. One example is the Technorshare free online repair tool, which you can use by following the steps below:

  1. Visit Technorshare’s online audio repair tool website.
  2. Click the Upload Audio button.
    upload audio
  3. Now, choose the file you want to repair, click the Open button, and wait for the upload to be complete.
  4. Finally, wait for the repair process to complete and preview the file.

For our example, we have selected an online tool that worked very well, but plenty of other web apps will be as efficient.

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2. Repair Music Files With All Media Fixer

Check out the All Media Fixer software if you need to repair music files that aren’t MP3s. That software fixes a broader variety of audio file formats, such as WMW, WMA, WAV, AVI, and MP3.

All Media Fixer is not exactly freeware, but you can still utilize an unregistered version by clicking Download on this webpage. When you have All Media Fixer up and running, press the Add media file button to select music and click Start check and fix.

3. Fix music files with VLC

This tip is more specifically for fixing corrupted WAV files. VLC is a media player, but you can still repair WAV audio files with its Convert tool. You can fix broken WAV music with the VLC media player.

  1. Right-click the WAV file you need to fix, and select to open it with the VLC media player.
  2. Click Media and select Convert / Save to open an Open Media window.
    media convert
  3. Press the Add button to select the WAV music file to repair.
  4. Click the Convert / Save button on the Open Media window.
  5. Press the Browse button to choose a folder to save the repaired audio file in. Remember to add a new file title for the music to the end of the chosen folder path.
  6. Click the Profile drop-down menu to select Audio – CD.
  7. Press the Start button.
  8. After that, try playing the WAV audio file saved in the destination folder you selected for it.

Do you really need to fix corrupted music files?

Remember that you can get loads of music from MP3 websites these days. If your corrupted audio file played music by a famous singer or composer, there’s a good chance you can probably download the same music from an MP3 website.

Check out the MP3Juices and Emp3z websites to see if they include the same music as your corrupted file.

Alternatively, you might find a video on YouTube (or Vimeo) playing the same music as your corrupted file. YouTube includes a plethora of music videos you can play in your browser.

Enter the specific title of the music in YouTube’s search box to find a video for it.

Nevertheless, if you can’t find the music online, you can still fix corrupted music files with various software. Further, it’s a lossless file, errors like the property requested was not found may prevent you from making changes to the file if left unrepaired.

MP3 Repair Tools and All Media Fixer are just two software worth noting.

Some of the utilities included in our file repair tools guide might also come in handy for repairing corrupted music files.

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