Endless Space 2 Update 1.0.5 fixes a bevy of issues, install it now

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Endless Space 2 just received an important update fixing a series of annoying issues affecting the game. Patch 1.0.5 also features a bevy of changes and improvements that will make Endless Space 2 more stable.

Here are the full patch notes:


  • Added a pop-up to inform players who play on the public 1.0.5 build with an old AMD card to play on the fixAMD branch
  • Added several bits of missing localisation that remained in English until now
  • Added a cinematic for the discovery of the Academy
  • Added a failure tooltip on ships in the fleet list if the Drag’n’Drop between flotillas wasn’t possible
  • Improved the planet destruction tooltip error message
  • Fleets Labels for cargo Ships are now hidden

User Interface improvements:

  • Changed the custom faction button from “Add” to “Custom Factions”
  • Improved the Game Creation screen to show that the faction portrait is clickable

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with saves with broken deposits
  • Fixed an issue with several faction traits that weren’t functional with custom factions
  • Fixed an issue with the Cravers Prime ship skin: it can now be used in custom factions with the Cravers affinity
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where players remained stuck in the loading screen after quitting to main menu if they used custom factions created by the host
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where the nodes discovery status of remote players was not properly saved by the host
  • Fixed an issue with the Implant Beacon battle action which was unavailable because the fleet was erroneously considered “busy”
  • Fixed an issue with the end of turn timer not resolving encounters
  • Fixed an exploit with technologies: they can’t be traded to prevent Scientific Victory exploits
  • Fixed an issue with custom factions that couldn’t be created with more than 7 faction traits in Multiplayer
  • Fixed some diplomacy localization lines for custom factions
  • Fixed an issue with minor factions spending all their Dust on colonization that they couldn’t achieve
  • Players won’t be able to save during the end turn anymore
  • Fixed vined systems bonus/malus only applied to Unfallen
  • Fixed an issue with troops count
  • Fixed an issue with the Unfallen vine action feedback which was displayed for all orbiting fleets
  • Added a failure tooltip in galaxy view to inform the user when the curiosities that he wants to explore with probes are already in the queue construction
  • Fixed an issue on the Asian font which corrupted them overtime
  • Fixed double click on ship allowing to see ship design even if ship is not editable or hidden
  • Fixed an issue with the feedback of Third Vodyani population collection bonus
  • Fixed the Amateur and Kingpin Executive traits
  • Fixed the Center of Light and Life and Harmony of the Heart improvements which had incorrect pre-requisites, allowing them to be built multiple times
  • Removed Home System Depletion from the Cravers Affinity to move it to the population trait Extreme Foremen
  • Changed the faction trait “Strange but Bad” faction trait cost from 10 to -10
  • Fixed Apathetic/Fervent colonists traits
  • Fixed Blockade Breakers trait
  • Added the Naturalists population trait
  • Fixed the Singularity creation and destruction sound effects
  • Fixed the Luxuries Lottery system improvement
  • Fixed the Righteous Fury law
  • Fixed an issue where the failure condition didn’t work properly in a competitive quest when players were the first to colonize a system
  • Fixed an issue with a parasitic sound heard during the beginning of turn
  • Fixed an issue with the final reward of the Riftborn main quest
  • Fixed an issue where the Unfallen couldn’t use the spaceport

Balancing improvements:

  • Reduced the effect of the Vodyani Dust for Alms improvement from 25% to 50% of Dust converted into Essence
  • Changed the Papers Please hero skill: increased manpower refill rate gain on skills
  • Changed the Conscription Genius hero skill: doubled manpower gain
  • Changed the Bespoke Arms hero skill: increased damage given to the hero ship
  • Changed the Sensitive Systems hero skill: changed vision range bonus from % to flat
  • Fixed the Infallible Authority hero skill: it is now not as strong
  • Increased the Riftborn colonizer cost, as they do not have to manage migration to outpost
  • Decreased Cravers depletion points per turn from +2 to +1
  • Added a temporary bonus to population collection level 3 for the Lumeris
  • Fixed Permanent Monsoon tooltip: it now displays -10 Happiness
  • Wonders & Unique buildings are now impacted by the game speed
  • Fixed an issue that made conquest victory require a lower percentage of the galaxy to win while in an alliance
  • Fixed the Lumeris buyout improvement “Workers’ Campus” being allowed to be built multiple times


  • Fixed the AI abusive migration
  • Fixed an issue with the AI stuck in an infinite battle
  • Added transitions so the AI is not stuck in war when Peace or an Alliance is signed
  • Fixed an error that occurred when the game was saved at the beginning of the turn


  • Fixed an issue where the Academy quest chapter 1 part 1 didn’t resolve like a normal competitive quest
  • Fixed an issue where the Academy quest on minor factions didn’t trigger the next quest after it failed
  • Fixed an issue with the Vodyani quest chapter 1 part 2 where the second choice didn’t work with custom factions
  • Fixed an issue with the Vodyani quest chapter 1 where the objective used to be obsolete
  • Fixed an issue with the United Empire “The Cult of the Strongman” quest where the player didn’t receive any reward upon completion
  • Fixed an issue where spawning fleets to destroy in Academy quest 3-B were too far from the Academy
  • Added a missing pre-requisite to the pre-Metaplot Academy quests to make sure Academy must be found in the first place
  • Fixed an issue with the 10/10 With Spice quest: it will now be triggered only after the 50th turn (in normal speed)
  • Fixed an issue where the Academy quest “Build the Academy” didn’t work as expected, preventing players from reaching the next Academy chapter
  • Fixed and issue where the Academy quest was spawning Pirate fleets instead of the Vodyani fleets as suggested in the lore
  • ENFER ship can be dragged into the hangar in the Sophons main quest

Have you installed Endless Space 2 Update 1.0.5? Does this patch also bring issues of its own? Let us know in the comment section below.


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