Xbox One error 0x803F8001: Why it occurs and how to fix it

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The Xbox One is perhaps the best gaming console the world has come across in ages. And while it offers a quality, immersive gaming experience, there are moments when a few hitches spring up every now and then.

One of these moments involves error code 0x803F8001. This may mean one of three things:

  1. The game disc is not in the console
  2. The game was bought and downloaded by someone else not signed in to the Xbox One console
  3. The game was bought and downloaded but you are not signed in, and/or connected to Xbox Live

In case you’re experiencing Xbox One error code 0x803F8001, try the solutions listed below.

How to fix Xbox One error KB4043961

Solution 1: Reset the console, perform a full power cycle or disconnect your console to reboot completely

Please note: this process doesn’t erase any of your games nor does it erase your data.

How to restart your Xbox One console

  • Press Xbox button to open the Xbox guide
  • Select Settings
  • Click Restart Console
  • Choose Yes to confirm

If you cannot access the guide or if the Xbox One console is frozen, press and hold the Xbox button until it turns off. Once it shuts down, tap the Xbox button again to restart.

How to physically power cycle the Xbox One console

  • Turn the console off by holding down the Xbox button for about 10 seconds
  • Press the Xbox button again (or press the Xbox button on your controller) to turn the Xbox One on. If the green boot up animation doesn’t display when you restart the console, repeat both steps. Ensure you hold down the Xbox power button until it shuts down completely.

Note: If your console is in Instant-On power mode, these steps will shut it off completely as the Instant-On mode is disabled until you restart the console.

How to disconnect and reconnect Xbox One console power cable

  • Press Xbox button to turn off the console
  • Wait 10 seconds until it completely shuts down
  • Unplug the power cable. Then, wait for about 10 seconds as this resets the console’s power supply
  • Plug the console power cable back
  • Press the Xbox button to turn on console

Solution 2: Check Xbox Live service status

Xbox One

If you see any alerts when you check the Xbox Live service status, wait until the service is back up running and then try again.

Solution 3: Designate an Xbox One console as your home box

If the game was purchased and downloaded by a different person like another family member, do the following:

  • Get the person who purchased and downloaded the game to sign into the Xbox One console
  • Set the Xbox One as home console for the person who purchased the game

How to designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox

When you first sign in to Xbox One console and save your password, the console becomes your home Xbox. This allows you to share games and downloadable content you buy from the Store with anyone else who signs in to your Xbox One or share your Xbox Live Gold subscription with anyone else who signs in to your console (but only on your home Xbox).

You can even share games downloaded as part of a subscription, play games as you travel, or even play while offline (Take note you’ll need to set it as your home Xbox before going offline).

Note: If you sign in on different consoles, designate the console you use frequently to be your home Xbox. You can only designate one console as your home Xbox.

Follow these steps to designate Xbox One console as your home Xbox:

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button
  • Choose Settings
  • Click All Settings
  • Select Personalization
  • Choose My home Xbox then review the information displayed
  • Select Make this my home Xbox to designate the console as your home Xbox. If you want to remove the designation, select This is not my home Xbox.

Solution 4: Insert the game disc into your console

A simple solution if you own the physical copy of the game you’re having trouble with.

Share your experience using the above solutions to fix Xbox One error code 0x803F8001 below in the comment section!



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