5 Ways to Fix Mouse Cursor Jumping Around in Windows 10

Fix your erratic mouse pointer with our step-by-step solutions below

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  • The mouse jumping around on a Windows 10 device might be a matter of a few settings.
  • Similarly, mouse skipping might not necessarily be connected to a hardware issue.
  • So instead of replacing your mouse on the spot, see if the device works on another PC.
  • Note that sometimes, the antivirus might interfere as well.
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When working on a Windows 10 device, the impossibility of adequately using your mouse, mainly when you depend on it, can seriously affect your productivity. And one annoying issue concerning mice is noticing that the cursor jumps randomly and is unresponsive to your moves.

Even though your goal would be to resolve the cursor jumping problem with the device you already own, considering that the issue might be with the mouse itself would imply the need to invest in a new mouse.

If you only have this option, you might as well invest in a mouse with multitasking capabilities to improve your overall productivity levels.

So in this troubleshooting article, we’ll approach some easy-to-follow ways to fix this problem.

Why does my mouse jump around Windows 10?

Every computer component has a dedicated driver that controls how it interacts with the operating system. It works the same way with mice for computers.

This, like any other driver program, has the potential to get corrupted for a variety of different causes. Your mouse drivers will, at some point and eventually, go out of date, and they will need to be updated regularly.

Another possibility is that because of how your system is configured, the mouse’s pointer on your screen may be erratic.

Can jumping cursor be caused by a virus?

A mouse that acts erratically or even jumps about might be the result of a virus. In order to determine whether or not this is the case, you may run a virus scan with your antivirus software already installed on your computer.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of solutions to the laptop mouse jumping around issue in Windows 10.

How can I fix the mouse if it’s jumping around on Windows 10?

1. Check for hardware issues

First, you need to check if there isn’t a hardware problem involved. Maybe you’ve already tried this, but it’s the first thing you should verify. So, connect your mouse to a different computer, if available.

Also, if you connect your mouse through a faulty USB port, try to use another USB socket and see if the problem persists from there.

If everything works as it should, then there’s nothing wrong with the actual mouse; otherwise, replace the mouse, and the problem is solved.

In the same line with the hardware issue, this problem can also be caused by electrical interference. But, again, you can try unplugging all the USB devices from the PC and reconnecting them.

However, if you conclude that the mouse itself is responsible for this problem, check our list of the best PC mice that you can get right now.

2. Adjust touchpad delay time and disable touchpad

2.1 Adjust touchpad delay time

  1. Press the Windows + I hotkeys on your computer, then select Devices.devices-w10 mouse jumping around windows 10
  2. Next, select the Mouse tab and change the mouse speed. Touchpad cursor jumping around in Windows 10 will no longer be an issue.mouse-speed mouse jumping around windows 10

2.2 Disable touchpad

  1. On your home screen, click on the arrow located near the clock and then right-click on the touchpad icon.
  2. Select Property of Touch-Pad, and switch to the tab associated with your Touchpad from the next window. fix mouse jumps pc mouse properties
  3. Click the Stop Device button or check the Disable when external USB pointing device plugin checkbox. This way, you can fix the mouse jumps on your PC.

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Due to the same reasons explained during the previous troubleshooting solution, you must also try to disable the touchpad.

If this didn’t help you fix the problem, we also have an excellent guide on avoiding your touchpad interfering with your mouse.

3. Check the associated drivers

  1. Right-click the Start icon, then select Device Manager.device-manager-w10 amd driver install problems
  2. Navigate towards Mice and other pointer devices—Right-click on each driver and select Update driver.update-driver-mice mouse jumping around windows 10
  3. Then, restart your Windows 10 computer and see if that resolved the mouse jumps in Windows 10 problem.

If after updating the driver the issue is still there, try to perform this operation manually. Go back to Device Manager and uninstall the driver associated with your mouse.

Then, access the official web page of the mouse manufacturer and download / install the drivers manually.

To avoid damaging any system settings, our strong recommendation is to use dedicated software such as the one recommended below to search the web and suggest appropriate drivers to update the old ones.

Not only that the software will ease the job for you, but you can also use it for further monitoring the essential system drivers and processes to optimize and update them accordingly.


Take advantage of in-depth scans and let DriverFix find the latest updates for your device drivers.

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4. Adjust the settings from Control Panel

  1. Press Windows then input control and select Control Panel from the list.control-panel-serarch-w10 opera not responding
  2. Type mouse inside the search bar and select the Mouse result.mouse-search mouse jumping around windows 10
  3. Make sure you uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision, then click Ok. The cursor jumps around when typing in Windows 10 error will be fixed.

Increase Mouse Acceleration is another name for the Enhance Pointer Precision feature. When you use it, it will make on-the-fly adjustments to your DPI in order to provide you the ability to move your cursor over a greater distance.

When you are attempting to aim, the value of your DPI will be fluctuating all the time as a result of this.

5. Scan your computer

  1. Press the Windows key + R and in the Run box enter msconfig then press Enter.msconfig mouse jumping around windows 10
  2. In the window that opens, switch to the Boot tab. From there, click on Safe Boot, located under Boot Options.boot-safe mouse jumping around windows 10
  3. Also, check the Network box. Click OK and then Apply.
  4. Restart your Windows 10 device.
  5. Now resume the scanning process for removing possible malware. The cursor jumps around by itself in Windows 10 issue will be solved.

Malware or viruses can be the reason why the mouse jumps so you need to remove the malicious program accordingly.

We recommend you use some of the best virus removal tools for Windows 10. There you go; that’s how you can fix the mouse jumps in Windows 10 problem.

How can I fix mouse jumping around on Windows 11?

  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings then go to Windows Update.windows-update kernel auto boost lock acquisition with raised irql
  2. Click the Check for updates button in order to bring your OS up-to-date and fix mouse jumps on PC.check-updates-w11 kernel auto boost lock acquisition with raised irql

By updating your OS, you will make use of the latest bug fixes and features that can address the PC mouse jumps that have been causing you issues so far.

Why is my mouse jumping around on my laptop?

Malfunctioning hardware, such as the mouse, the USB port, and the cable, is frequently the cause of the mouse moving about randomly.

The erratic behavior of the cursor can also be caused by a mouse pointer that is corrupted, an out-of-date device driver, faulty touchpad settings, or even malware. By following the above solutions you will be able to address all of these issues and successfully regain access to your mouse.

For more solutions, we recommend that you take a look at our post on what to do if the cursor freezes, jumps or disappears in Windows 10/11.

Do tell us which troubleshooting solution worked for you by using the comments field below. Of course, stay close and check out our tutorials for learning further Windows-related tips and tricks.

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