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As a gamer, you’ve probably had those moments when you’re all set and ready to play this really cool trending game that’s all the rage with your ilk, then it happens – slow game loads.

You’re so eager to get started, but even logging in is on snail speed mode. Two minutes seem longer than an hour, and you’re still waiting for it to start.

You’ve tried everything you can think of to go around it but nothing fixes the chop! We did the homework for you and here are some fix-it solutions that can help you hasten load up time for your next attempt.

How to fix slow game loading times

Important checks before resolving slow game loads on Windows 10

Before you begin, here are some checks you need to consider:

  • Recent program installations. Programs downloaded from the internet and installed to your computer, come with third party applications that may slow down your computer.
  • Whether the issue is only when playing online games or offline as well
  • The make and model of your computer
  • Any updates on your graphics card driver
  • Whether other games work as they should on Windows 10

Once you have these in mind, you can proceed to the solutions.

Solution 1: Run maintenance task

Running maintenance task checks on the problems within your computer that may affect or slow down its performance.

Such issues include the number of users logged on to the computer, or whether there are any multiple programs running concurrently.

Here are the steps you can take to execute this:

  • Right click on the Start button
  • Select Control Panel
  • Click on System and Security

slow game loads

  • Under Security and Maintenance, click Troubleshoot common computer problems

slow game loads

  • Locate System and Security
  • Click on Run maintenance tasks

fix slow loading game

A pop up will appear. Follow the instructions to run maintenance tasks.

slow game loads

Note: sometimes you will get a prompt to run as administrator so you can do so to complete the process.

Solution 2: Disk defragmentation

If the first solution didn’t work to resolve slow game loads on Windows 10, try defragmenting your hard disk by doing the following:

  • Right click the Start button
  • Select Search
  • In the search box type Disk Defragmenter
  • Click Disk Defragmenter from the search results
  • Under Current Status, choose the disk you want to defragment
  • Click Analyze disk to determine if it needs defragmentation. Type your administrator password or give permissions when prompted to.
  • Go to Last Run column to check the defragmentation percentage. If more than 10 percent, defragment the disk
  • Click Defragment disk. Type your administrator password or give permissions when prompted to.

Solution 3: Perform a Clean Boot

Performing a clean boot for your computer reduces conflicts related to software that can bring up the root causes of the slow game loads issue. These conflicts can be caused by applications and services that start up and run in the background whenever you start Windows normally.

In order to successfully perform a clean boot on Windows 10, you have to be logged onas the administrator, then follow these steps:

  1. Type System Configuration in the search box > hit Enter
  2. On the Services tab >  select the Hide all Microsoft services check box > click Disable all.

fix slow loading game

3. On the Startup tab > click on Open Task Manager.

4. On the Startup tab in Task Manager > select all items > click Disable.

fix slow loading game

5. Close the Task Manager.

6. On the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box >click OK > restart your computer.

You will have a clean boot environment after all these steps are carefully followed, after which you can try loading your game again.

Solution 4: Use Safe Mode

Safe mode starts up your computer with limited files and drivers but Windows will still run. To know whether you’re on Safe mode, you’ll see the words at the corners of your screen.

If the slow game loads issue persists, check whether it occurs while your computer is in Safe mode.

How to get your computer into Safe mode

There are two versions:

  • Safe mode
  • Safe mode with Networking

The two are similar, though the latter includes network drivers and other services necessary to access the web and other computers in the same network.

Follow these steps to start your computer in Safe Mode:

  • Click on Start button
  • Select Settings – the Settings box will open up

fix slow loading game

  • Click Update & Security

  • Select Recovery from the left pane

slow game loads

  • Go to Advanced startup

slow game loads

  • Click Restart now
  • Select Troubleshoot from the choose an option screen, then click Advanced options
  • Go to Startup Settings and click Restart
  • Once your computer restarts, a list of options will come up.
  • Choose 4 or F4 to start your computer in Safe Mode

A quicker way to get into Safe Mode is to restart your computer then do the following:

  • From the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot>Advanced options>Startup Settings>Restart
  • Once your computer restarts, a list of options will come up.
  • Choose 4 or F4 to start your computer in Safe Mode

If the problem isn’t there while in Safe mode, then your default settings and basic drivers are not contributing to the issue.

Do the following to exit Safe Mode:

  • Right click Start button
  • Select Run
  • Type msconfig
  • A pop up will open
  • Go to the Boot tab

slow game loads

  • Deselect or uncheck Safe Boot option box
  • Restart your computer

Solution 5: Uninstall third party software

If the issue wasn’t found while under Safe Mode, you can uninstall third party software on your computer such as computer cleaner or antivirus.

Note: for antivirus, temporarily disable it because you need it to prevent your computer from security threats. Immediately after you’re done installing the game software, re-enable your antivirus.

Solution 6: Update Graphics Card Drivers

In order to update your graphics card drivers, do the following:

  • Right click Start
  • Select Device Manager
  • Click Display adapters to expand it

slow game loads

  • Right click on the graphics card driver and choose Update driver software

slow game loads

If you don’t have any driver updates available, right click on the graphics card driver and click Uninstall, then restart your computer.

Update drivers automatically (third-party tool suggested)

The safer and easier way to update drivers on a Windows computer is by using an automatic tool such as TweakBit Driver Updater. It will keep your system away from malfunctions caused by the installation of the wrong drivers.

Driver Updater automatically identifies each device on your computer and matches it with the latest driver versions from an extensive online database. Drivers can then be updated in batches or one at a time, without requiring the user to make any complex decisions in the process. Here is how it works:

    1. Download and install TweakBit Driver Updaterdriver updater starting window
    2. Once installed, the program will start scanning your PC for outdated drivers automatically. Driver Updater will check your installed driver versions against its cloud database of the latest versions and recommend proper updates. All you need to do is wait for the scan to complete.
  1. driver updater tool scanning
    1. Upon scan completion, you get a report on all problem drivers found on your PC. Review the list and see if you want to update each driver individually or all at once. To update one driver at a time, click the ‘Update driver’ link next to the driver name. Or simply click the ‘Update all’ button at the bottom to automatically install all recommended updates.
      Automatically Update complete
      Note: Some drivers need to be installed in multiple steps so you will have to hit the ‘Update’ button several times until all of its components are installed.

Disclaimer: some features of this tool are not free.

Solution 7: Install drivers in compatibility mode

This solution can be executed while online. Go to your computer’s manufacturer website and install the drivers in compatibility mode for previous Windows versions.

Follow these steps to execute this:

  • Install the drivers
  • Right click the installation file
  • Choose Properties
  • Click Compatibility tab
  • Select the Run this program in compatibility mode for: box
  • From the drop down box, choose a previous Windows OS
  • Click Ok
  • Install the driver

Did these solutions work to resolve the slow game loads issue on your computer? Let us know in the comments section.



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