What are the best software to fix a slow computer?

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by Ivan Jenic
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We all know how annoying it can be when your computer starts to slow down and applications begin to load slowly or lag. This usually happens after several months of use. The major cause is usually because of bloatware, the presence of many junk files, and registry errors. Sometimes this can be as a result of updates or new upgrade to your Windows operating system.

However, there are many ways to speed up your computer with utility software. Windows Report team has compiled the best software to increase the performance and speed of your computer.

Fix a slow computer with these tools


IOIO System Mechanic (recommended)

iolo system mechanic fix windows pc

IOlO System Mechanic is a system utility cleaner that scans the system for junk files, unwanted apps, bloatware, and caches. This tool removes or updates diagnosed results. It also frees your PC RAM and removes web browser cache and history.

In addition, IOlO System Mechanic gives comprehensive optimization features and gives a significant increase in speed and computer performance. The tool helps to make your system run faster and is highly recommended application to use for your slow system.

However, System Mechanic has a free edition with limited features and two paid versions which have more features.

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Driver Sweeper

best software to fix a slow computerDriver Sweeper is a driver cleaner utility software which has excellent features and tools. Most times when you connect USB devices to the computer it automatically installs the device driver to the PC. This is to ensure proper running of the device on your PC, but the problem is some of these drivers after sometime will become outdated and not useful to your system.

These outdated drivers can cause startup lag and increase the time taken to boot your system. That is why it is important to run a scan and remove old drivers. Driver cleaner does this excellently as it helps you to update or remove outdated drivers.

It comes with installer tools which scan and checks for the latest drivers for your system and promptly updates the drivers. This tool helps to ensure your system runs smoothly; hence, it is an ideal software to fix a slow computer.

Download Driver Sweeper

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Secunia Personal Software Inspector

best software to fix a slow computerSecunia Personal Software Inspector scans your computer for vulnerable or outdated plugins, directories, and programs. The software then searches online for patches and updates them.

In addition, the software also alerts you when your programs and plugins need updating. This helps to percent exploit attacks which take advantage of your system vulnerabilities to slow down your system.

Meanwhile, Secunia helps you stay secure and is a handy software which can improve your computer speed and performance.

Download PSI Secunia



best software to fix a slow computerCCleaner is a popular utility application that scans your PC and eliminates junk files, cleans the registry and update programs. Unlike other system cleaners out there, CCleaner cleans most of the registry of your Windows PC.

You can schedule cleanups with the scheduling tool and it gives you alerts when you have broken registries. The software also gives detailed information on your computer after scanning. Also, it contains several tools such as program uninstaller, startup manager, disk analyser, duplicate finder, system restore, drive wiper, and many other tools.

Piriform CCleaner is a recommended software to fix a slow computer.

Download CCleaner

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Ashampoo Win Optimizer

best software to fix a slow computerAshampoo Win Optimizer is an utility software that scans your system and uses its maintenance to fix problems. With this tool, you can easily scan your system for junk files, broken registries and bloated software with a single click.

In addition, the cleaner helps to erase the diagnosed directories and restores your system to a clean state. Meanwhile the software runs checks in your system and gives a detailed description of issues diagnosed and what they are about. Hence, you can then take a well-informed decision on either to erase it or keep such files.

Ashampoo Win Optimizer has tools for maintenance tasks such as defragging hard drives and optimizing your Windows startup process. This makes the application a handy utility software to fix a slow computer.

Download Ashampoo Winoptimizer

Conclusively, the five utility programs we mentioned above will increase your system speed and performance. But it may be better to combine two or three of the programs listed above as some of them have specialized functions.

If you desire a full-throttle cleaner, CCleaner is recommended as it incorporates many of the features for software to fix a slow computer.

Have you used any of the software we mentioned recently? Feel free to share your comments and recommendations with us by commenting below.