Gears of War 4 fans request Horde 3.0 offline support

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Gears of War 4 is a great game, but there are still some details that gamers consider should be polished. For example, Horde 3.0 is available only online, which actually came as a surprise when the game was launched since fans expected Horde 3.0 to be available offline as well.

The news that Horde 3.0 doesn’t support offline mode disappointed many gamers. Many asked how they would be able to play the game if the Internet connection was down or when the company would discontinue the Gears of War 4 servers.

The majority of gamers hoped that offline Horde 3.0 support would eventually be added with the first game patch – but this didn’t happen. The first Gears of War 4 patch fixed a series of annoying issues, but didn’t bring offline support for Horde 3.0.

I think if they were gonna patch in offline horde they would have said something about it already. All they care about is making more money and adding offline horde wouldn’t make them any money. It’s halo 5 all over again. […] The coalition lied and got people’s hopes up with saying all game modes would be playable offline and online. Obviously they don’t care for people without great internet but they wanted to trick us into buying the game anyway.

Lack of offline support for Horde 3.0 actually determined many potential customers to cancel their orders. Other potential buyers now definitely think twice before buying Gears of War 4.

The thread where Gears of War 4 gamers request offline support for Horde 3.0 is one of the most popular threads on the game’s official forum page, but The Coalition has yet to issue any comments.

How does the lack of offline support for Horde 3.0 affect your Gears of War 4 experience?


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It was really disappointing. I got hooked on Horde 3.0 while playing at a friend’s house. Asked to borrow it, and found out the bad news. I’m thankful I didn’t buy it first.


i really want them to come out with an offline horde. Why would they take that away. They should always have both options. TO THE PEOPLE WHO MADE GEARS PLEASE!!!!!! come out with an offline horde. please. the game will be 10 time better if you do.

Avatar Ulysses

After this, I’m not sure I’m going to buy another gears of war game from them. The heavy dependence on pay-to-win that games use is what’s causing me to stop buying new games and reverting to retro. Gonna have to try something else if you want me to buy your product. Not going to get scammed like this again. Bought the UE and don’t have internet. This is ridiculous. The desperation that the companies have is sad and disgraceful to call games “next-gen”. Seems more backwards if anything. Back to gears of war 3! That’s what is Epic!

Avatar Matthew McGregor

I for one was also surprised when I played Horde for the first time and saw the wi-fi connection at the bottom right of my screen. I hope they change it so that we can play offline but also level up offline. Although we most probably won’t get any credits if we play offline. Disappointed in The Coalition regarding this.