Google Chrome gets new cookie control options

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
Deputy Editor
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Improved cookie controls Chrome

Google recently announced that it is about to tweak the way its web browser handles cookies. The upcoming version of Google Chrome will come with improved cookie protection and control.

The importance of cookies on the web cannot be denied these days. Cookies are used to save your preferences, sign in details and more.

Google explains that some cookies are used to target users for personalised advertisement campaigns, while others are used to maintain user login sessions.

You can choose not to delete login cookies

As a matter of fact, the browser treats all cookies in the same manner. In case a user accidentally deletes his cookies, he will automatically lose all his login details.

This is a pretty much frustrating experience for the Google Chrome users. The company announced in a blog post that the company would make some significant improvements to the way Google Chrome tackles cookies.

Users will no longer lose their login details because they will have the option to clear specific type of cookies. Furthermore, Google says that developers should eventually adapt to this new technique.

Moreover, the company further explains there are many security benefits attached to this change:

This change also has a significant security benefit for users, protecting cookies from cross-site injection and data disclosure attacks like Spectre and CSRF by default. We also announced our plan to eventually limit cross-site cookies to HTTPS connections, providing additional important privacy protections for our users.

Google restricts fingerprinting practice

Apart from cookies, Google says that the company is restricting fingerprinting for its users. This technique uses the hardware details, user agent, and browser plugins for unique identification of devices and browsers.

Google is currently testing some changes and plans to officially release them later this year. However, there is no confirm from Google in this regard.

What do you think about this recent move by Google? Is it enough to ensure your privacy?