How to make different headers on each page in Google Docs

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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If you work with a computer or need to do school projects, Microsoft’s Office Suite can come in handy. Unfortunately, the Office Suite comes at a hefty price that not everyone can afford.

If that is the case, one good alternative is to use the web-based software office suite offered by Google within its Google Drive service.

This office suite is comprised of 3 different programs, one of which is Google Docs. Google Docs comes with a wide variety of tools reminiscent of Microsoft Word, all while maintaining a simple interface.

One feature that can easily make a document create din Google Docs more professional-looking is a header. Of course, having different types of headers within the same document is a bit trickier. That is why we’ve decided to create this guide to show you exactly how it is done.

Using Google Docs depends on the browser that you have, and these are the best for the job!

How can I have different headers in Google Docs?

  1. Go to Google Docs
  2. Create a new document by clicking on a Blank template
  3. In the new Doc, go to Insert
  4. Select Headers & footers
    • The new Header or footer will be ready for editing
  5. Click on Options
  6. Select Header format from the dropdown menu
  7. Under Layout, check the boxes next to Different odd & even
    • If you want the first page to be different from the rest of the document, you can also check the box next to Different first pageGoogle Docs header

You can then go ahead and edit how the headers will look on the first page, on odd pages, and on even pages.

By following this guide, you can make it so that your Google Docs documents can have up to 3 different header styles. Unfortunately, this is the most customization you can bring to your Google Docs headers.

Currently, you cannot make it so that every single page can have its own unique header.

Do you think this is a feature that Google should implement in Google Docs? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.