Here is what to do when Google Docs won’t print

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Google Docs printing issues

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While Google Docs remains a super powerful real-time document authoring and collaboration software, it on occasion has issues.

For instance, the complaint that Google docs won’t print is quite common not only for a local printer but also when using Google Cloud Print.

Indeed, sometimes Google docs won’t print at all and will instead prompt you to save a document in pdf format.

Now, we have been investigating this challenge and have compiled several working fixes. But before I take you through then, let’s look at the possible triggers of Google drive printing problems:

Potential Causes Of Google Drive Printing Problems

So, why is it that google drive won’t print even when your printer is in perfect condition?

Well, Google Docs and by extension Google drive won’t print if the following issues exist:

  • Outdated printerFirmware: Because Google Drive is constantly being updated, it can easily overtake your printer This causes communication hiccups between Google docs and the printing services resulting in printing from Google docs not working.
  • Messy Browser Extensions: While it’s Okay to enhance the capabilities of your browser by installing selected extensions(Addson), some of them end up interfering with G drive and could be the reason why you can’t print from Google docs.
  • Out of Date Browser: As its often the case with browser-based services, an outdated could be originating this fault.
  • Incorrect Google Drive Settings: Sometimes it’s a simple setting that could be blocking Google Docs printing facility. For example, you may not have configured your printer to access Google cloud print.

How To Solve Google Docs Printing Issues

Fix 1: Troubleshoot Google Cloud Print Set Up

Google Cloud Printing usually serves organizational printing needs perfectly. However, Google docs won’t print if it’s experiencing difficulties when connecting to your printer or when opening your queued printing jobs.

Try to fine-tune it by following these steps:

 how to print from google docs

Step 1: Verify That Your Printer Is Connected To Google Cloud Print

You won’t be able to print if your printer has disconnected from Google Cloud Print.

Here is what to do:

Step 1: Re-Connect to Your Wi-Fi

  1. Power on your printer.
  2. Connect it to the Wi-Fi network (follow your printer manufacturer’s instructions).
  3. Now switch on your computer.
  4. Connect this computer to the Wi-Fi network that your printer is in.
  5. Open your G drive and try to print.

Step 2: Check if your connected printer is cloud-ready

Not all printers are ‘cloud-ready’ so it is always advisable to confirm as you may be trying to use Google cloud print on a non-compatible device.


  1. Visit cloud-ready printers page.printing from google docs not working
  2. In the search box, type your printer name (manufacturer) and model.
google drive printing problems

For Cloud print version 2 , your printer is ready if it has a “V2” next to its name while for Cloud print version 1.0, a listing is sufficient (a v2 is not needed).

On the other hand, non-listed printers are not cloud-ready. The good news is that you can always set it up to work with Google Cloud Print- provided it connects to Wi-Fi.

What If Your Printer Used To Work With Google Cloud Print But Now Won’t Print Google Docs?

Your printer may be rejected by Google Cloud Print if it’s yet to be updated with the most recent released firmware due to an expired security certificate.

You are subsequently greeted by the message ‘the selected Google Cloud Print device is no longer supported’ every time you try printing and google docs won’t print.

The best bet could be printing from the local printer (and not using Google cloud print services).

Fix 2: Verify That You’re Sending The Google Document To The Right Printer

In most cases, Google docs won’t print if you sending them to offline printers.  Here you will need to confirm that the specific printer model is online and set.

Next, make sure this is the printer you select when printing from Google docs.

google docs will not print

Just choose properly from the list as shown below.

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A similar complication occurs when you choose other printers other than the default printer (Unless, of course, such printer is connected).

In Windows 10, the default will be the printer used last (depending on settings).

Fix 3: Turn Off The Printer Then Switch It Back On

Turning a printer on then back on often eliminates printing problems like hanging docs as well as clearing a printer’s memory and resolves plenty of annoying printing hitches.

You can do this then see if your Google doc will finally print.

This solution is also helpful when your target printer repeatedly says it’s offline

Fix 4: Update Your Printer Firmware & Driver

google docs wont print only save to pdf format

Updating your printer’s firmware plus drivers gives it the latest functionalities and features and could sort out your Google docs headache.

Go to your printer’s manufacturer’s website to check for the latest updates then follow the enumerated steps to install all the updated drivers/ firmware.

Fix 5: Uninstall Your Printer and Re-install

If the matter is yet to bulge, go for the drastic and uninstalled your printer driver and all its utilities like scanning. Then rebooted the PC and install the printing firmware afresh.

Take another stab at printing your doc.

You can also consider third-party solutions to install drivers safely and have the latest version of each driver installed. Therefore proceed and install your drivers with DriverFix.

Fix 6: Change Browsers

Swapping browsers sometimes help. If on Chrome, shift to Firefox and if on Edge or Firefox, to  Chrome (and so on) and see whether you will succeed.

Fix 7: Update Your Browser

You can also install the most recent updates for your browsing software:

To Update Your Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click more (at the top right side).cant print from google drive
  3. You will see the button Update Google Chrome (click on it) if you’re not on Chrome’s latest version.
  4. Click Relaunch to finish.
  5. Go back to Google drive and retry printing.

To Update Firefox:

  1. Click on the Firefox’s menu button(as indicated below).why cant i print from google docs
  2. Click on Help (question mark) and choose About Firefox.
  3. Firefox will open the requested About Mozilla Firefox window and begin checking and downloading the latest updates cloud printer offline
  4. Click Restart to update Firefox when the downloaded updates are ready for drive printing problems
  5. Relaunch Firefox and try to print yet again from G-drive.

To Update Edge:

Microsoft Edge is updated together with Windows 10. You might hence be forced to check for the latest Windows updates to update Edge.

Here is How to  Upgrade to the latest version of Edge on Windows 10

Fix 8: Disable Messy Browser Extensions

The other way out of the dilemma is to disable any browser extension/plugin that could be interfering with Google drive printing.


  1. Open up your respective browser’s add-on manager.
  2. Disable the various extensions one-by-one (restarting the browser every time).
  3. Keep checking if the printing issue has been resolved (after each restart).

In this instance, focus first on extensions relating to the problematic Google Docs and printing tasks.

This is also the recommended solution in cases where the window goes blank each time you try uploading a doc to print- another fairly prevalent issue.

Fix 9: Download The Docs As a .pdf Then Print

i cannot print from google docs

If everything else fails and still google docs won’t print, first download the doc in form of PDF and print it as an ordinary file.

Sure, the additional steps cost time and can be frustrating but it regularly works and could help especially when you are not in a position to work on the extensions and updates.

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