HP is at it again blocking non HP print cartridges

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non HP printer cartridge issues

Printers have been around for quite some time and while technologies are updating all around us making it easier to work without the need for a paper trail, these devices are still very important. But they are also pricey.

Printer ink, depending on the model, brand and quality of the device, can sometimes cost more than the entire printer device itself – for just one cartridge. Luckily, lower cost options and refill kits are also on the market to make it easier to get ink to your printer when you need it.

HP caught a lot of flack when it tried to limit this ability with users last year when it released a firmware for some of its printers that would block them from functioning when a non-HP cartridge was used.

Now the company is back at it again. One year later it has released another firmware update for its Officejet printers that seems to be blocking out third-party ink cartridges from working properly for users. According to numerous reports the printer creates an error message stating that the cartridge is damaged and needs to be replaced when it in fact is not.

Here’s how HP describes the issue on its official webpage:

If you see a Cartridge Problem error message when you are using non-HP cartridges, it is possible that a dynamic security feature has caused the printer to reject the non-HP cartridge. It is also possible that the cartridge has simply failed for other reasons.

The list of devices is expansive but some workarounds are already being released including deactivating the Dynamic Security feature.

Have you noticed this error yet? Are you opposed to be locked to one brand for your printer ink?

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