Icon maker software for PC to design your own Windows desktop icons

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by Matthew Adams
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Adding new shortcut icons to the desktop is a great way to customize Windows. You can download myriad icon packs from various websites.

However, some prefer to design their own icons for Windows with third-party software. Although you can utilize some image editors to set up your own icons, there are also numerous icon maker programs for Windows. These are a few notable programs to design icons with.

Icon maker software for PC

1. IcoFX

IcoFX is among the best all-in-one icon maker software for Windows platforms from XP to 10. This is an icon maker package that includes many of the tools and options you would expect to find in full image editors.

The software enables its users to extract and edit icons for both Windows and Macintosh OS X. IcoFX is retailing at $29.99 on the publisher’s website, and there’s also a 30-day trial of the software you can try out.

IcoFX has all the options you’ll probably need to design great icons from scratch. It includes more than 30 tools to edit icons with, which include various brush and pencil, selection, text, gradient, eraser, shape and retouching options. The software provides more than 40 effects, color correction tools and layer-based editing for image processing.

IcoFX users can also apply icon customizations to Windows folders. In addition, you can convert various image formats directly to ICO files with resolutions up to 1024 x1 024 and extract icons with this software. So this is a great program for designing icons, and you can also utilize it for more general photo editing.

2. Junior Icon Editor

Junior Icon Editor 4.37 enables users to create icons from scratch or existing images. This might not have as many tools and options as IcoFX, but it’s a lightweight freeware alternative you can run on most Windows platforms. Click the Download free icon editor on this website page to add the software to Windows.

Junior Icon Editor includes brush, pen, airbrush, shape, line, flood fill, arc, text, color picker and eraser drawing tools with which to set up new icons. The software doesn’t come with much in the way of image-processing tools, but does include options for flipping, rotating, zooming and shifting images. Junior Icon Editor enables you to set up 16 x 16, 32 x 32 and 48 x 48 icons with a 32-bit color depth. You can also create icons for Window Mobile, iOS, Linux and Android platforms with this software.

3. Axialis IconWorkshop

You can design and convert icons for the Windows, Android, iPhone OS and Mac platforms with Axialis IconWorkshop. This is also one of the few icon maker programs with which developers can set up image strips for software toolbar icons. Axialis IconWorkshop is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 platforms; and the software is available for 69.95 euros.

Axialis IconWorkshop has an intuitive drag-and-drop UI design. The UI includes a Librarian file manager on the left, built-in folder browser at the bottom and the drawing and editing tools on the right of the software’s window. It is also a multi-image UI that enables you to open and edit multiple icons within the same window.

For editing icons, Axialis IconWorkshop includes a range of brushes, pencil, color picker, shape, line, flip and rotate, color fill and text tools. This isn’t entirely a full-blown image editor, but it does include 13 effects. It also provides color correction options for adjusting contrast, hue, saturation, etc.

Another good thing about Axialis IconWorkshop is its Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator compatibility. Axialis IconWorkshop users can import PSD files directly from Photoshop and quickly transfer files between the applications with the IconWorkshop plug-ins. This software also has 15 Photoshop templates that you can quickly set up icons with.

4. Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Greenfish Icon Editor

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a highly rated open-source icon maker package for 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms. You can utilize this software for designing 256 x 256 icons, editing animated cursors, extracting icons and converting images to ICO formats. There’s also a portable version of the software for USB drives. Click Download on this web page to save Greenfish Icon Editor Pro’s installer to Windows.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro includes a drawing toolkit from which you can select pencil, line, shape, text editing and advanced selection options. There’s a Color Picker tool on the right of Icon Editor Pro’s window with which you can adjust colors. Greenfish Pro users can select a range of effects on the software’s Filters menu.

The software supports layer editing, and you can also select Create Windows icon from image and Create Mac icon from image options on its Icon menu. So this program has most of the tools and options you’ll need for editing icons.

5. IconCool Studio Pro 8

IconCool Studio Pro is also among the foremost icon maker software for Windows 10/8/7/Vista. You can set up both 32-bit icons and animated cursors with this software, which includes a good range of effects to select from and supports 25 image formats. It incorporates a built-in IconCool Mixer tool that provides more than 500 image elements for icons. IconCool Studio Pro is now retailing at a discounted $9.95 on the publisher’s site.

The IconCool Studio Pro Tools menu includes the following editing options for icons: Pencil, Spray, Line, Rectangle, Color Picker, Selection, Text, Paint Bucket and Ellipse. The software has about 10 effect options and 50 image filters that fall within color, outline, distort, stylize and other categories. IconCool Studio Pro provides especially extensive  gradient options for icons and text with which you can apply various gradient effects. You can also edit bitmap icon images for Android, Unix and iPhone OS platforms with this software.

Those are five noteworthy icon makers for Windows that include a wide selection of editing options and tools to design innovative shortcut icons and modify existing icon sets with. They are also graphics editors that you can utilize for designing custom cursors and other graphic content. Also note that you can set up custom icons with web apps such as X-Icon Editor and Free Icon Maker.