What is an IDP.Generic virus and how to remove it

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idp.generic virus
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In a world where pretty much all data exists in a digital form, making sure that it stays safe, uncorrupted, and out of the wrong hands can be crucial. That is why making sure you get rid of all virus threats is essential.

Not only can these pieces of malware compromise the integrity of your data, but they can also give hackers access to information that should stay private.

Thankfully enough, antivirus programs are always there to protect us.

When you are running an antivirus program, you may stumble across some detections called IDP.Generic, which can be extremely dangerous.

That is why we’ve created this article, to show you exactly what it is, how you may have gotten it, and how to get rid of it.

What is an IDP.Generic virus?

In common terms, an IDP.Generic is something that appears on anti-virus software windows when the generic malware gets indicated. 

The most common antivirus software to detect these are those that use the AVG or Avast AV engines.

The IDP in the name stands for the fact that the virus is the type that tries to steal your identity. However, when you get such an alert, it is usually one of two things:

  • It can be a simple false positive
    • This means that the antivirus program that you are running can’t recognize the file, so it labels it as a virus by default
  • It can be a true computer virus called a Trojan

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How did I get the IDP.Generic virus?

There are a number of ways you can get an IDP.Generic virus. These include:

  • You downloaded software that holds the virus
  • Clicked an email that may have had a virus attached to it
  • Clicked a pop-up add on some shady website

How do I remove an IDP.Generic virus?

1. Use a powerful antivirus program

The most obvious solution is using an antivirus program, this will help you scan for the virus, detect it, contain it, delete it, and it will also prevent you from getting infected again.

Additionally, depending on the antivirus program and what feature it has, it can let you scan new mails and programs before you even install or download them.

2. Update your antivirus

As mentioned above, there is a high chance that the alert may be a simple false positive. If that is the case, simply update your current antivirus program and see if you get the same alert again.

This process varies from one antivirus to another, so make sure to check out the developer’s documentation on the matter.

Note: Many times a false positive IDP.Generic virus can be triggered by an outdated version of Java installed on your computer. Update Java as well and see if you still get the alerts.

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3. Uninstall any suspicious programs

Uninstall any recent programs you may have acquired right before the IDP.Generic virus was detected. Afterward, run another scan and see if the alert is still present.

For more details on how to get rid of unwanted programs and apps, check out this detailed guide.

4. Perform a System Restore

Although this is the most damaging solution in terms of data loss, it is the most surefire way to get rid of any computer threats. Simply perform a rollback to the most recent version of Windows 10 that didn’t have any virus problems.

By following these steps, you should be able to keep your computer and all the data on it safe.

More so, you will no longer have to fear any more future infections with this virus.

If you want to read more articles about how to remove different types of viruses, let us know through the comment section below.

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