Import Steam games to your GOG library so that you don’t buy the games twice

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Now it’s easier to import your favorite Windows 10 Steam games to your GOG library.  Thanks to a new feature, you can now import 23 Steam games into your GOG library so that you don’t have to buy the same game twice.

To start the import process, go to GOG Connect and sign in to your Steam account. GOG will immediately scan your Steam library and import all games supported by both the platforms. The list of eligible game titles should grow in time, but the 23 titles already represent a satisfying offer taking into account the fact that this compatibility feature just got launched.

Whether you’re checking us out for the first time or have been with us for a while, GOG Connect gets you DRM-free versions of your games, digital extras, and a whole lot of freedom of choice (like whether you go with the GOG Galaxy client or not). It gets you our take on game ownership, and we say: why buy the games more than once?

The compatible game titles are:

  1. Bit.Trip Runner
  2. Braid
  3. Breach & Clear
  4. Breach & Clear: Deadline
  5. Broken Sword
  6. FTL: Advanced Edition
  7. Galactic Civilizations III
  8. Mount & Blade
  9. Project Zomboid
  10. Saint Row 2
  11. Shadowrun returns
  12. Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver earring
  13. Surgeon Simulator 2013
  14. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
  15. Witcher: Enhanced Edition
  16. The Witness
  17. To the Moon
  18. Trine Enchanted Edition
  19. Two Worlds
  20. Unreal Gold
  21. Unreal Tournament Goty
  22. VVVVVV
  23. Xenonauts

The available games will constantly come and go. This means they are limited-time offers made available by participating developers and publishers. The best solution to always be up-to-date concerning the available titles is to regularly check the GOG Connect page. In this manner, you can grab your copies before they vanish.

GOG also offers  -75% discounts for a series of games until June 6. You can now buy Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Ultimate Edition for only $10.89 down from $43.39 or Xenonauts for $15.19 down from $21.69.

GOG is very popular among Windows users because it supports Windows 10 from day one, making all their games compatible with Microsoft’s latest OS.



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