Best software to improve video quality [2020 Guide]

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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Amateur enthusiasts have never been closer to professionals when it comes to video recording. Once upon a time, the technology to record a good video was remarkably expensive, but nowadays everyone can afford film studio-like equipment and processing tools.

You can now record 4k videos with your mobile phone, on the move with unlimited possibilities. The only thing that is in question is the available storage space and will to film.

Nevertheless, half of the recording job is done with the camera. The other half is done with the PC while editing and improving your videos to suit your needs. As the way of filming has evolved, becoming an everyday thing, the options that are presented in editing software followed closely. Instead of a complicated and distracting interface created for professionals, nowadays it is easy to adapt to even the most complex solutions.

We brought to you a roundup of most used software for editing, montage, and improvement of your videos. Most of them are paid solutions. There is an abundance of free software but it is lackluster in almost every category in comparison to the paid options.

Top 10 programs for improving your videos


Cyber Link Power Director (recommended)

Cyber Link Power Director is probably the best video editing solution for newcomers. If you are willing to start from scratch, learn basic things and move up the ladder, this is the best program for you. One would assume that this may lead to a lack of premium tools, but that is not the case. Power Director has all the tools and approaches needed to make a novice create premium content in no time.

You can use more than 500 different effects and transitions in a linear timeline or storyboard. And every step you take is going to help you upgrade your knowledge. While this is available in Full Feature Editor mode, the simplistic Express Mode will generate the best solution for your video editing in just a few minutes.

It also has a brilliant option called Magic Movie Studio that will help you creating premium clips in a few minutes. You’ll just have to import video, background music and do little tweaks at the end.

The main purpose of this generated option is to teach you how to use more advanced ones without fear of complex commands and editing software. So, you start with the elementary things, advance trough the editing till you reach full knowledge in Full Feature Editor mode. Even people without basic knowledge of the surroundings are going to find it familiar and forgiving.

Filmora Wondershare (recommended)

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video editing software solutions for novices. It lacks options for advanced users, especially editing tracks. On the other hand, the 8 editing tracks are quite enough for someone who is starting with video editing. The learning graph will swiftly rise since the Filmora has a convenient interface and all the options are available on the main screen.

As you would expect, there aren’t so many effects and tools advanced software would implement. Filmora Wondershare is simple but, it can do the job. You can select between 2 modes, Easy or Full Feature Mode. The ”Easy mode” will get you started in no time, with plenty of video or audio tweaks. The ”Full Feature mode” is more similar to the superior editing solutions.

Wondershare offers 300 different effects that can be used in video editing, with motion path, Chroma Key and screen recorder available. You’ll achieve a high level of understanding of this software in no time with all elements helpfully interpreted.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is making a bold move by offering a large array of options that are normally available only with paid versions. And it gets better and better with every update. While the abundance of the options is certainly rewarding, the complex interface is not newbie oriented so some initial problems may occur. However, when you get into the workflow, everything will work like a charm.

The first thing to get to know is a specific non-linear track editor that can be confusing for newcomers. It lets you position video, audio, and effects in the timeline without an order. As the storyboard is not available, this is the only way to make it work. That makes this program probably the best free solution for advanced users who are not willing to pay for a video editing application.

Corel VideoStudio X9

Corel Video Studio implements professional options in an easy-to-understand package for a fairly good price. It kind of sums up the best of the advanced usage while making your editing experience well and truly simple.

It offers only one video line with 32 editing tracks. For many advanced users, this is an underwhelming option but for undemanding ones, it will serve the purpose. If this is not a deal-breaker for you, Corel VideoStudio is one of the most prominent editing programs on the market.

With a library of over 1500 viable effects for improving your videos, so you are not really in need to create them by yourself. With the Project Tab option, you ‘ll get it working in no time and even upgrade your knowledge for more advanced operations.

The things can go even faster with the FastFlick option, which is most viable for express the creating of favorable video content. Insert video, edit and share within the minutes. Additionally, there are all of the professional processes like multi-cam, motion tracking, Chroma Key (video background selection), and others.

You can try out or buy Corel VideoStudio’s latest version on the link below.

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