Intel Optane memory is a smart technology that keeps track of your frequently used apps, documents, pictures, and videos and remembers them after shutdown.

This way, it increases the PC responsiveness and significantly cuts down your waiting time in Windows 10. But sometimes, this technology can trigger certain errors that can be quite annoying.

What is Intel Optane memory pinning error?

That’s the case with the Intel Optane memory pinning error, as one users describes it:

Hi, I recently began getting this error at seemingly random times (at least I haven’t been able to figure out a definite trigger yet).

And here’s the OPs screenshot: intel optane memory pinning error

It seems that this is connected to Intel Rapid Storage Technology and the error can be triggered even if you don’t have any Optane memory installed.

Another user stated that the error surfaced up with the latest Windows 10 updates:

My Dell started throwing this error notification after the recent Windows 10 update. When I checked Dell updates I saw there are 2 related Intel drivers available for download. Hoping that will fix it.

How can i get rid of the Intel Optane memory pinning error?

If you have the same issue, you’ll have to know that the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers contain an extension called Intel Optane Pinning Service Extension.

To solve the problem, you’ll have to uninstall this extension. If you use Process Explorer to view the proprieties of explorer.exe, look at the Threads and sort them by CPU usage.

There you’ll see “iaStorAfsServiceApi”, which is the Intel Optane Pinning Service Extension. Uninstall it and everything should go back to normal.

Hope that this helped you and now you’re free of the Intel Optane memory pinning error.

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