10 Best Job Board Software in 2023 [Out of 25 Tested]

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  • Whether you're looking for a job or want to hire someone, you definitely need the best job board software.
  • You'll find below a great tool that includes the most popular free job boards.
  • Another program includes marketing and SEO optimization and some customization options.
  • You can also choose an easy-to-use hiring software for small businesses.
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Job hunting is still necessary, but the activity itself has changed significantly throughout time. Now, people search for jobs almost exclusively online as the Internet has become the ultimate medium for data exchange.

This is perfect for both future employees and employers. In this manner, employers get access to tons of Internet users while job hunters browse through thousands of job offers effortlessly.

To exist and to prosper, the online job market requires an essential thing, and this is a useful and reliable job board software.

These tools power every job search website and it’s the crucial element regardless of where you look for jobs (on online job portals or the companies’ websites).

All over the world, there are thousands of businesses that create this kind of software, so it can get pretty complicated and confusing to have a clear view of the job board software market.

The market is also flooded with tons of versions of job board scripts. We’ll help you skip the useless software because it’s not of any interest and we’ll present you with some great solutions that will work for sure job board software below.

What is the best job board for professionals?


This software will help you boost visibility and target the perfect candidates by promoting your job on premium and free job boards with just one submission. A workable extensive job board syndication network will allow you to reach millions of job seekers throughout lots of locations.

Your next employee may already be your top fan, and Workable will make sure that it’s easy to post jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well.

The candidate source reports will make sure that you get the best from your ads and will also help you plan the whole recruiting strategy from A to Z.

You can try the software for free right now, as you won’t need any downloads or credit cards.

As we already said, you have two options to post free jobs and premium jobs. Here’s what every option offers you.

Free job boards: you can attract more candidates by posting to free job boards, and you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Advertise jobs in minutes
  • No downloads or training required
  • All posts are optimized for desktop and mobile
  • Includes the most popular free job boards
  • Get a free, hosted, branded careers page

Premium job boards: the software partners with the most popular paid job boards and you can create targeted posts to fill your hiring pipeline. You’ll get the following advantages:

  • Great rates and special offers
  • National and international job board syndication
  • A broad range of niche and specialist sites
  • Integrates with job board recruiter accounts
  • Post to multiple boards from one platform

All you have to do to post a job is create your account, write your job description and start posting. Give it a try!

Get Workable

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a well-known and popular job searching hub that helps millions of people to match the desired roles in specific work areas.

This online platform is designed like a social media network that provides resourceful tools to find or post a job to connect the employees with the right roles.

Every candidate has the chance to discover his dream job using this highly connected tool, and even more filter job results according to job type, location, or experience.

On the other side, employers can post their hiring positions on their company profile to match the most suited people for those jobs.

You can best use LinkedIn Recruiter to help talent specialists to find and connect with the right employees. The platform offers useful insights regarding candidates and their work experience over time.

Plus, any user can connect with different individuals from around the world and interact to share experiences or job offers. The chat section can be used to approach employees or even companies.

There are other practical features both as an employee and company as well to publish important positions for the right people.

Get LinkedIn Jobs


This platform is created for both employees and employers that need to connect in a shared space with millions of opportunities.

With this hiring tool, any job seeker can find a suitable job in the desired company. It’s possible to match your role without thousands of applications.

It’s fairly simple to use this platform to discover the wanted roles. You can start by completing your profile on the platform and transmitting your work portfolio in your personal ways.

From the employee perspective, you will surely meet your goals and discover respected companies in your market.

More exactly, this solution gives reliable support for matching hourly employees with ideal positions in the desired areas of work.

This being said, have a try with this trusted job searching client to match required positions with talented people or find the most suitable job for you.

Create the right connections and discover valuable jobs to fit your skills using this platform.

Get SnagaJob

Web Scribble

This is another job board software that will turn out to be more appropriate for running on a general job board website, rather than within an organization.

The software is great, and it includes a smaller number of features, but this is not a minus as it addresses the right job search issues.

While you’re using the software, you’ll be unlikely to lose yourself within tons of features that are not at all helpful for your mission. The tool features some marketing and SEO optimization and some customization options as well.

It also supports mobile technologies and the world’s favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The software will help you maximize your revenues via various options:

  • Job postings
  • Resume access
  • Sponsored jobs
  • Featured employees
  • Job alerts and job slots
  • Subscriptions

The home page of the software offers a virtual tour of the job portal experience is also an online demo, and this is a great benefit.

Here are the primary downsides of the tool:

  • You have to send your name, phone number and email address to the developer company before you can take a look at this online demo that we have mentioned before. Unfortunately, this might upset some of the users.
  • You cannot see the pricing of webJobs, and you have to contact the company for a quote.

These two minuses might discourage some users to try out the software, but we guarantee you that this job board software does its tasks really well and it’s not overwhelming at all.

This is the reason why it may be the ideal solution for lots of users out there.


Using this software, you’ll be able to post to more than 100 job sites in just a few minutes, and you can reach more than 100 million candidates. You’ll get the chance to screen them with the use of the dashboard offered by this tool.

The software promises to be one of the fastest-growing and easy-to-use hiring tools for small businesses. You will not need any copy/paste, or multiple logins and you’ll be able to save your hours of work.

After candidates start to apply from their desktops, tablets,  mobile phones, you will receive an email notification, and they’ll come to one central location. All you have to do after that is to just point and click your way to the best hires you’ve ever desired.

Most users have found the following pros and cons for the tool:

  • Pros – you get a simple and easy to use interface and dashboard; you can like and dislike and then go on to the next resumes.
  • Cons – some users require the ability to rank the liked applications, and other found some troubles regarding a few applicant errors.

But all in all, the tool is easy to use and it makes reviewing the applicants’ resumes a smooth process overall.

Get Betterteam 

ILance Reverse Auction Software

ILance Pro software can transform any website into a complex work and hire marketplace powering search, bidding tool, and request for quote.

Reverse auction for jobs offers you a competitive hiring environment for buyers to seek and match the professionals they need and also experts to find those leads.

Applications are also available to install and increase the marketplace quickly. Other great features of the tool include the following:

  • It’s SEO optimized for the web.
  • It is 100% customizable.
  • It supports more languages.

Here are the advantages of this tool as most of its users describe them:

  • The price divides the tool into several segments tailored to each user’s needs, so this way everyone gets a choice according to the business development.
  • Even if the tool requires more learning than any other software of this kind, this only happens because there are lots of variables needed to complete an auction.
  • The community forum where you can ask questions and discuss all sorts of issues and share suggestions for better development is highly appreciated.

The tool’s downside is the fact that there’s more room for improving documentation and manual guides, to help the tool become clearer and easier to understand.

Get ILance Reverse Auction Software

JobSite Professional

This is another paid job board software. You’ll have to pay for the Standard version. For the latter, you’ll get a ton of features that have been accumulating for lots of years now, in various versions of this tool.

The current version of the tool is 3.1 JobSite Professional, and it provides lots of useful features such as the following:

  • Backfill
  • A mobile version of the software
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Unlimited levels front side menu
  • Facebook connect option

There are more other features, of course, but we have only listed the essential ones.

You also get a few screenshots to understand the software better and so see what it looks like and how it functions. You’ll be able to take a look at the online demo on the website of the software without needing to send data anywhere.

You can also benefit from the company’s professional support offered to its users, and you can send emails, call them on the phone or submit a ticket in case you reach a tech problem.

The company also offers discounts on its job portal software, including this one of course. You can participate in a “buy two get three” campaign. The company also has an affiliate program, so if you’re busy promoting the products, you can also make some significant cash.

Get JobSite Professional

Enterprise Infinity

This staffing software is built from the ground up for staffing agencies. This is a single, fully-integrated, and back-office solution.

Here are the benefits of using the tool:

  • The company that developed the tool is a seamless staffing software provider.
  • You’ll get customized solutions that will address your staffing needs.
  • The tool is used by hundreds of temporary employment agencies across the nation including services such as payroll processing, payroll funding, and W2 management.
  • The developer company is committed to the clients’ profitability and to providing them with the lowest cost of ownership.

Most users of this tool have found the company to be the best one that helps their business in achieving the ultimate goals. TeamWorks offered users all kinds of solutions involving database issues, payroll situations, customized reporting, and so on.

Enterprise Infinity

PHP Jabbers

This job board software provides flexibility and power thanks to its numerous, efficient, and extensive features. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • A great content management system
  • Easy job board administration
  • Custom e-mail notifications
  • Multi-language support

The software is built on PHP technology, and it provides an online demo showing you how this powerful job script works in all kinds of scenarios.

The tool is straightforward to use, and in case you run into any kind of issues you can check out the FAQ list offered by the developers. You can also contact the company for more help and support.

The software comes in two main versions: a User version and a Developer version. Both of them can be purchased online after you complete the purchase of the job portal script.

The tool’s primary advantage is a mix of low price, good support, and extensive functionality. All these features make it a great solution that will be efficient in all kinds of circumstances.

PHP Jabbers

MarketGrabber Job Board

The tool is a proven and easy-to-use solution. Users have found it to work great and most of them stated that after much frustration and loss of time trying out other products on the market, this one worked out smoothly and it turned out to be very reliable. Its system is extremely easy-to-use for both the admin and the users.

This is web-based board software. Its most notable features include the following:

  • Indeed Import
  • Applicant tracking
  • Video Articles
  • Job Import
  • eCommerce integration
  • full source code is included with the software license
  • advanced search and browse for jobs and resumes
  • Google Maps
  • Hosting, design, and programming customization services are all available

Get MarketGrabber

Of course, there are more job board tools out there on the online market, but the ones that we’ve discussed above will turn out great if you decide to create an online job search website.

If you need more tools for job searching, we highly recommend you consider business software for your line of work.

Their common advantages include a full list of amazing features and great support as well. No matter which one you decide to try out, we guarantee that you’ll get a great experience using it. Good luck!

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