Kaspersky DDoS Protection Connect helps small and medium businesses thwart cyber threats

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The DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is the preferred way for attackers to take down websites. Attackers make the website or online service unavailable by sending an overwhelming amount of traffic, usually targeting banks, news outlets and e-commerce websites at scale with the help of infected computers, often referred to as the ‘botnets.’

Once exploited, attackers are able to control the machines remotely and launch an attack on their target. In order to defend against attacks, Kaspersky has launched a new version of Kaspersky DDoS Protection Connect designed specifically for small and medium businesses. This is perfect timing after a recent report found that a week-long DDoS attack can be bought for as little as $150 on the dDark web.

Unlike larger organizations, small and medium size companies suffer a lot since they usually don’t have the resources to ward off the attack. As per Kaspersky’s report, a single DDoS attack can cost a small organization in excess of $123,000 plus the amount spent to repair the damage along with productivity/business loss.

What’s new?

We already know about Kaspersky DDoS Protection services but the new program comes with certain features that are high on utility. For instance, the new DDoS Protection program doesn’t require an installation of a special sensor inside the customer’s infrastructure and it’s mostly a DIY effort that doesn’t require help from IT professionals.

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The Special mode offered by the DDoS protection suite constantly keeps an eye on incoming traffic with the help of scrubbing centers. Kaspersky has also achieved a better cost to features ratio by limiting the number of resources and the threshold of the volume. On the contrary, Kaspersky DDoS protect is for more comprehensive coverage in order to thwart attacks of any magnitude.

“Because SMBs have limited resources, they often can’t afford to protect themselves with an anti-DDoS system within their own infrastructure and have the necessary IT staff to maintain it. Efficiency, affordability and minimal technical support – that’s what small companies need when it comes to cybersecurity. The more companies that are protected against DDoS, the less effective this kind of illegal business will be. And, the more successful we are at protecting businesses from DDoS, the greater our contribution will be in fighting this threat. That’s why we have developed a solution that serves this vulnerable group of businesses”-Kirill Ilganaev, Head of Kaspersky DDoS Protection, Kaspersky Lab


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