KB4557957 for Windows 10 v2004 may freeze your system

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • This is the first Patch Tuesday after the major Windows 10 May 2020 update and the issues start showing up. 
  • After installing the new KB4557957 a user complained about his computer freezing and not being able to shut it down.
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KB4557957 for Windows 10 v2004 is freezing your system

Microsoft just released the June Patch Tuesday and we already see some problems with the patches.

This is the first Patch Tuesday after the major Windows 10 May 2020 update and the issues start showing up when the users perform the updates.

KB4557957 for Windows 10 v2004 freezes your system

A user describes his problem on Reddit after installing the new KB4557957 patch for Windows 10 version 2004:

KB4557957 seems to behave weird on my system. Shortly after rebooting, the system semi-freezes. I can move the mouse cursor around, but app/programs freezes. Can’t shutdown/reboot so have to shutdown the computer by holding the power button.

The problem seems pretty serious as it blocks the user from shutting down or reboot his computer by normal means and he had to shut down his computer by pressing the power button.

How can I fix the freezing issue with the KB4557957?

It’s not the first time that a patch creates freezing problems after installing. Actually, it starts to become a pretty common issue with KBs.

The user’s solution, as he mentioned in his post, was to simply uninstall the update. After that, everything returned back to normal.

Unfortunately, nobody from the forums had another solution to this problem. So, if you’re experiencing this problem as well, perhaps the only thing you can do is also to uninstall the update.

How can I uninstall an update?

If you want to uninstall the KB4557957 patch, type update in Windows Search and click on the Check for updates from the results.

Next, click on View update history and then on Uninstall updates. Right-click on the KB patch from the list and select Uninstall.

Did you have any other problems with the update, check out our Windows 10 version 2004 most common issues.

If you experience any other problems, please tell us your story in the comments section below.

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