Users are Unable to Install KB5007651 Because of Error 0x80070643

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Trying to install KB5007651 will not be a pleasant experience for some users.
  • The software fails to go through the process because of error code 0x80070643.
  • Don't worry, we can show you what you need to do in order to fix this nasty error.

Many users reported update error 0x80070643 while trying to install KB5007651 update. No, this update won’t brick your PC, but it will make it a bit harder than usual.

There’s no official response or workaround from Microsoft for the time being, but that’s not a reason to worry. We managed to complete a couple of solutions that might help you fix this issue.

This isn’t the only update issue that you can encounter. In fact, many users reported that There were some problems installing updates messages on their PC. But hopefully, this guide will help you with that.

Installation for KB5007651 fails with 0x80070643 error code

Typically, you should install a new update as soon as it’s available. Updates bring security improvement and bug fixes, so they are essential.

Only this time, the situation isn’t as simple as we thought, because the Update Stack Package – (Version 922.415.111.0) refuses to cooperate.

As far as we can tell this isn’t a problem that affects absolutely everyone, but a large number of users have reported on Microsoft Answers dealing with this unfortunate situation.

Pressing the Retry button located on the right side won’t help you this time, as the process itself is corrupted.

This is not a new error code, as we have dealt with this situation in the past as well, so we can show you what you need to do in order to fix 0x80070643 in Windows 11.

Currently, the issue appears during KB5007651 download, but there might be a way to fix it.

However, before trying to get rid of the update error 0x80070643, it’s worth considering the more likely causes of the issue:

  • Third-party antivirus software conflicts: Antivirus software might be conflicting with the Windows Update service
  • Missing, outdated, or corrupted .NET Framework installation: Updates fail to install because .NET Framework is corrupted or missing or you might need to install a newer version
  • Corrupted system files: You might have to repair corrupted system files causing the issue
  • Damaged Windows Update components: Some Windows Update components might be corrupted or incorrectly configured
  • Corrupted Windows Defender definitions: Error 0x80070643 can also arise because of corrupted Windows Defender definitions

We will closely monitor the situation and keep you posted on further developments or changes that may appear as a result of this happening.

This isn’t the only error that can occur, and many reported update error 0x800f0988, but we covered this issue in a separate guide.

Do not hesitate to let us know if the solutions worked for you as well.

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