5 Best Browsers that Support Keycloak [Ranked by Security]

Choose a versatile browser that supports a wide range of extensions

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  • Most browsers that Angular supports will have Keycloak browser support.
  • Keycloak fully supports SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect; this is the first thing you must select when using the tool.
  • Angular supports most Chromium browsers; thus, they can utilize Keycloak.
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Unauthorized access to protected data has the potential to result in damages. You can prevent these damages with Keycloak browser support.

Nearly every program needs a solid mechanism to control user identities and access. One of the available solutions is Keycloak.

It is an open-source program now released under the Apache License 2.0 and used for Identity and Access Management.

The critical question is which browsers support Keycloak deployment; hence, below are some solutions if you are looking for Keycloak browser support.

Does Keycloak support SAML?

SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect, an OAuth 2.0 extension, are both supported by Keycloak. The first thing you must select when gaining clients and services is which of the two you will employ.

Keycloak includes its own set of adapters. The PKCE [RFC 7636] mechanism, which adds additional security during code to token exchanges in the OIDC protocol, is supported by the KeycloakInstalled adapter.

What are the best browsers that support Keycloak?

Opera – Built-in VPN

opera browser

The Opera browser is one of the few browsers that natively support most tools and extensions, which distinguishes it from other browsers.

It also outperforms in terms of speed and performance. For developers, Opera may not be as popular as Chrome or Firefox, but it offers certain advantages.

If you don’t require a lot of advanced development features, Opera may be able to provide you with what you need for a rapid and successful online experience.

Additional features:

  • Built-in VPN
  • Social media sidebar
  • Customizable homepage


Protect your data with dedicated Keycloak support and browse safely on any webpage!

Microsoft Edge – Supports Chrome extensions

edge browser

Although Microsoft Edge supports different Keycloak versions, it still needs some upgrades to function effectively with the tool because the browser lacked native support in earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

You may still use Keycloak in the browser. However, there might be some issues due to the unstable angular support.

Edge is unquestionably light years ahead of rival browsers for general purpose browsing on Windows 10, testing your website pages with Edge, and collaborating and sharing ideas with the WebNote functionality for native page annotation and sharing capabilities.

Additional features:

  • Simple privacy controls
  • Sleeping tabs
  • Supports Chrome extensions

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Google Chrome – Supports a wide range of extensions

Google Chrome

Because the most recent version of Chrome supports Angular, it may also support Keycloak. Chrome also supports a wide range of extensions, making it easier to add functions that the browser lacks.

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Chrome developer tools are the simplest way to see your Lighthouse scores, which help you identify problems that might be preventing you from doing well in Google’s search results and being the gold standard for page rendering.

Additional features:

  • Organizable tabs
  • Dark mode
  • Superior developer console

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Firefox – Best JavaScript debugger


The most recent Firefox versions all support Keycloak, but you should be aware that since the program prevents cookies and some tools from accessing data, the tool might not function in private mode.

Overall, the developer version of Mozilla’s Firefox is the most effective traditional browser for web development.

Additional features:

  • Independence from corporations that manipulate user data
  • Best JavaScript debugger
  • Master CSS Grid

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Safari – Advanced Privacy Features

safari browser

Because Safari natively supports angular js, it has Keycloak browser compatibility. This browser supports the majority of file and tool kinds, making it an excellent choice for web developers.

Moreover, Safari contains Web Inspector, a powerful tool for easily modifying, debugging, and optimizing web pages for maximum performance and compatibility on both platforms.

Additional features:

  • Supports extensions
  • Advanced Privacy Features
  • AutoFill diverse options

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How do I enable HTTPS in a Keycloak?

You must enable SSL to activate HTTPS. SSL is a component of the HTTPS protocol that performs data encryption.

Additionally, a browser will almost certainly be able to execute Keycloak if the browser is supported by the Angular script that powers the Keycloak user interface.

Apart from the browsers listed above, most Chromium browsers, such as Brave, will allow you to use Keycloak due to native support for add-ons and development features.

Chrome, the gold standard for any website, is built on chromium. Therefore, you can expect full support and relative ease of use from Keycloak.

Now that you know which browsers support Keycloak, here is the Keycloak download link!

Still experiencing issues?


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