Khan Academy for Windows 8, Windows 10: Education at Your Fingertips

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Khan Academy is one of the best Windows 8, Windows 10 education apps in the Windows Storekhan academy windows 8
I’ve always been a supporter of educational apps, be it on iOS, Android or even on bigger machines. In my publishing career, I always loved it when I had to write about educational apps. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I review today Khan Academy app for Windows 8, Windows 10 and RT, of course. Along with Wikipedia, Khan Academy makes for one of the best educational apps that are currently available in the Windows Store.

Khan Academy has been founded by Salman Khan (hence the name), American educator, with Bangladeshi origins. Salman has managed to create an awesome project and until now, Khan Academy has delivered more than 200 million lessons for people all over the world. Khan Academy application for Windows 8, Windows 10 follows the mission and is here to help you with lits of videos on various subjects. Let’s dig in deeper.

khan academy windows 8

Review of Khan Academy app for Windows 8, Windows 10

Probably the biggest drawback with Khan Academy is that all its content is available only in English, so when they manage to cover even more languages, then I think they’ll be launching a real learning revolution. For, now, you can discover videos on the following subjects/modules:

  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Finance
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Astronomy
  • Economics
  • Cosmology
  • Organic chemistry
  • American civics
  • Art history
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Computer science

The Windows 8, Windows 10 Khan Academy application is, however, slightly different, as you’ll see when trying it out. Categories are differently arranged and you have the following on the front page when opening the application: “Math”, “Finance and Economics”, “Test Prep”, “Science”, “Humanities”, “Talks and Interviews”. All those categories come under the Learn tab. There is also “New and Noteworthy” tab where you can see some featured videos, probably sorted by popularity.

In order to get a better experience from the Khan Academy application, you should sign in. You don’t even need to create an account, as you can log in with your Google or Facebook acount. If you choose to sign up with your Facebook account (which I did), don’t forget to set notifications from this app to be seen only by you and not by your friends or your audience on Facebook.

I always though that the best way to learn things is to “see them”, as that is the most detailed interaction that you can have with the learning material. That’s why I like the concept behind Khan Academy so much. However, the application in Windows 8, Windows 10 for now, fails to match the quality of sister-apps for iOS and Android. Especially bothering were those videos without too much details in them, only a voice and some amateurish drawings.

Awesome concept, but not quite there yet

Reason for why that’s happening is obvious – Khan Academy is no Discovery Channel and they just don’t have currently the necessary funds for too much video editing. But users might not be aware and they just simply won’t care. So, I really hope Salman Khan manages to find a way in order to bring up to the community more well-crafted videos, instead of mediocre editing.

But there are 3,500 videos there, right at your fingertips, so I’m sure you’ll find plenty of interesting videos that will help you get better grades or just to increase your personal knowledge on different matters. “How to browse that huge library of videos?”, one might ask. Well, nothing is easier than that. As with any other application, open the Charms bar while you are inside the application (move the mouse to top right corner or press Windows logo + W) and just start searching for the things that you’re interested in.

The application isn’t lagging behind and one should be satisfied with the speed that it opens the video, albeit those that are obsessed with instant responses, will say that it is not that great. I praise Khan Academy for their idea and for what it means on other platforms, but they just need to put a little more work into their Windows Store version. Right now, it just doesn’t look “polished” enough for me to be ecstatic about it. However, we praise their slogan:

It is our mission to accelerate learning for students of all ages

Khan Academy abandoned [2018 update]

For all of you that wanted to play a bit with the newest Khan Academy feature, we have sad news: the project has been abandoned. All stardet in 2016 when the project claimed to have low funds. Later, the project has been closed because of the low user base. If you have the app installed it will continue to work, but if you reinstall it, it will not. If you want to use an education software, here is a list of alternatives to Khan Academy.

Download Khan Academy for Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows RT

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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