5 best kiosk software for Windows 10 to wow your guests

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Best kiosk software for Windows 10

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Kiosk software, or visitor management software, are tools that electronically monitor information by identifying and tracking visitors for an office or hotel, or other buildings.

If you want to track incoming, outgoing and regular visits, you can use kiosk software, which is an intuitive tool that stores such information from a centralized management database for referencing.

It is ideal for security purposes because you need to know who walks in and out of your building, and whether they are approved, or they’re on a security watchlist. In hotel settings, your tenants can easily be notified that their guests have arrived, making it easier to plan ahead.

This article looks at the best kiosk software for Windows 10 operating system. Some of the main areas to note in kiosk software tools are deployment, facilitation of check-in and guest verification, as well as regular collection and documentation of visitor information.

Most of these are easily integrated with most major apps, and are easy to use and install without the need for programming skills.

Best kiosk software for Windows 10 PCs

  1. Traction Guest
  2. Proxyclick
  3. SiteKiosk
  4. Kioware
  5. FrontFace

1. Traction Guest

Best kiosk software for Windows 10

With this best kiosk software for Windows 10 you can transform your visitor welcome lobby with an easy and secure guest registration, which is not only memorable, but also safe.

Capture real time visitor information from different locations, all integrated on one cloud-based platform.

Features include admin and customization designed to provide visitors with an efficient and secure sign in process at events and workplaces, with great customizability, adaptable to diverse use cases.

User features such as user roles to grant access levels based on business requirements, a central admin console, experience editor based on the visitor and their reason for visiting, arrival notifications, single sign-on plus select from a growing list of languages for a customized visitor experience.

Security features include watchlists to screen visitors against internal lists or third party databases, visual identification, digital signature, offline mode and alerts, all on the Heroku platform backed by leading cloud computing security and privacy policy standards.

It integrates with most major apps including Slack, DocuSign, Active Directory, Google Drive, EventBrite, and Pictatic among others.

Get Traction Guest

2. Proxyclick

Best kiosk software for Windows 10

Make lasting connections with visitors and contractors by starting off with a friendly invitation and fast check-in process using this best kiosk software for Windows 10.

Proxyclick gives you all the tools you need to make every visit count such as visitor recognition, instant pictures, Smart rules to adapt the check-in screens based on visitor’s answers, multiple languages (about 18), NDA or health and safety instructions, express check-in, multiple location capability, multiple tenants can log in and check in, badges that print automatically at check-in, and much more.

It also lets you identify the types of visitors, control access using badges, and use any printer to automatically print the badges as visitors check-in. you can send helpful invitations with maps and directions and your contact details, text message reminders, sign-out and emergency notifications.

When expecting VIP guests, use the VIP alert to add them to your watchlist, and use the daily email summary for an overview of visits and visitors on each day.

It integrates with OneDrive, Outlook calendar and add-in, Google calendar, iCal, OneLogin, Active Directory, Slack, Salesforce, and many other apps.

Get Proxyclick

3. SiteKiosk

Best kiosk software for Windows 10

This is one of the best kiosk software for Windows 10 operating system.

It is a lockdown browser and kiosk software for safeguarding public access internet PCs, displays and tablets, against manipulations.

Features include Chrome Engine support making it adaptable to future changes in browser technology, a start screen generator for easy drag and drop design, configuration tool (no need for programing skills), session reset after idle time, internet content filter to eliminate inappropriate content in real time, customizable user interface, on-screen keyboard, digital signage, and payment devices so you can charge for using the computer with support for a variety of cash acceptors.

To use SiteKiosk, you need Windows 10 32/64 bit, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Internet Explorer 10 or higher browser, at least 2GB RAM memory (4GB recommended), New Technology File System, Intel or AMD x86 CPU processor, and 1024×768 resolution or higher.

Get SiteKiosk

4. Kioware


Best kiosk software for Windows 10

As its name implies, it is a kiosk software whose features include a kiosk mode solution, mobile device management, video conferring, digital signage and browser lockdown.

This interactive kiosk software lets you secure your Windows computer or device into a self-service kiosk, and you can manage your account, secure your computer or device to permitted websites and browser-based apps, on a rebuilt user interface.

Features include blocking popups, domain/page lists, file downloads and dialogs. Kiosk security provides browser and OS or desktop lockdown, basic authentication and keyboard filtering. You can also clear private browser data and create an attractive screen management interface for users with custom toolbar skins, provide a virtual keyboard and tabbed browsing.

With KioCall, you can add video conferencing to your kiosks so your users can initiate or receive video chats.

System requirements include Windows 10, x86-based CPU, and Microsoft .NET 4.5.

Get Kioware

5. FrontFace

Best kiosk software for Windows 10

This kiosk software is easy to install and use, and is highly professional for use in touch-screen kiosk terminals such as hotels, museums and other tourist sites, interactive information systems, media control and presentation systems, and digital product catalogs for retail shops, self-service, field services and trade shows.

It is compatible with Windows 10, and standard PC or touch screen hardware.

FrontFace is a fast, affordable, flexible, and easy to use on-premise solution, for you to create touch-enabled graphical UI for kiosk systems, and interactive information terminals to present any kind of media or content with no need for programming skills.

Benefits include multi-language support, easy printing of content and email to devices, photo integration, customizable branding, easy use with Office programs, instant content deployment to kiosk system, and cost effectiveness.

Get FrontFace

Which of these best kiosk software for Windows 10 sounds great for your needs? Share with us your favorite in the comments section below.



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